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Active Directory Synchronization FAQ

What is HC Active Directory Synchronization utility?

Is the synchronization process of ADSync two way?

What protocol does the HC ADSync utility use?

What ports are used by HC ADSync tool?

Where do I install HCADSync utility?

I have primary and additional DCs. Where should I deploy ADSync utility?

Does it synchronize user passwords in Real-Time?

Why existing passwords are not set for users who are already located in the Cloud DC ?

Why user password is not syncing?

AD Sync is not enabling the disabled user on the cloud?

Does HC AD Sync utility work using secure channel?

The ADSync utility is not syncing user attributes?

Can I choose few users from a specific Organization to be synced?

Can I select different Organization unit in the AD Sync utility?

All of sudden ADSync shows license status in DEMO even after having valid License?

How does a user link with an existing cloud user?

How does a group link with an existing cloud group?

How does a mail contact link with an existing cloud contact?


Which AD objects count towards the license limit?


Can a single local AD be synchronized with multiple cloud ADs?





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