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HC9 Release Notes

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Last Modified Date: 12/1/2020 12:11 AM


Hosting Controller provides release notes for HC customers to help them identify newly added features, bug fixes, modifications and enhancements in new build releases of HC software. Visit Service Pack section to download software build with latest release.


Version 9.25 (May 10, 2017)
For Windows

  • Fixed:Where HC was incorrectly saving CName entry in a DNS Zone file.
  • Fixed:Where HC was creating a sub folder for .com in the MS DNS Server.

Version 9.24 (Jan 31, 2017)
For Windows

  • New Feature:Multiple PHP version support.
  • Modified Implementation:Exchange Usage report can nowbe generated using owner and organization name and will also display assigned mailbox size.
  • Fixed:Where Site Pro was not working with custom port in the configuration.
  • Fixed:Where tax value calculated incorrectly while switching Hosting Plans.
  • Fixed:Where VMWare VMs were not booting plus IP,Hostname and Passwords were being assigned to VMs.
  • Fixed:Where DKIM was changing to lowercase if added via Zone Editor.
  • Fixed:Where FTP user was not creating when subdomain was created via Autosignup.
  • Fixed:Where in SmarterMail server mail domains were not creating if SmarterMail was configured over https binding in IIS.
  • Fixed:Where Password Complexity specified at host level was not enforced at reseller/webadmin level.
  • Fixed:Where paging was creating display issue on Manage Sync Resources page.
  • Fixed:Where using Slovak Language pack, HC was not translating few information on Install Click & Apps page.
  • Fixed:Where due to some specific scenario Audit Logs were not logging.
  • Fixed:Where default theme settings specified at reseller level was not saving in HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where Search was not working for Display Name on Send-On-Behalf with Exchange 2010 & 2013.
  • Fixed:Where Journal Rule was not creating if OU name contained ampersand "&" sign in it.
  • Fixed:Where Country's State against Mail Contact was sticking to Alabama state only.
  • Fixed:Where two Distribution Group members having same Display Name were not adding in accepted sender list.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not showing existing group in AD while adding a security distribution list.
  • HCAPI:Where "Domain Type" and "Platform" Filters were not applying on GetWebsites API call.

For Linux

  • New Feature:Multiple PHP version support.
  • Fixed:Where segmentation fault error was thrown on linux server.
  • Fixed:Where Postfix group was not showing in HC panel but added in Mail Server at backend.
  • HCAPI:Where Apache server was crashing when "DeleteFTPUser" HCAPI was called with PHP-FCGI.

Version 9.23 (Nov 08, 2016)
For Windows

  • Modified Implementation:Once password complexity has been enabled by the HCAdmin and is firmly in place, no lower tier user can alter the setting.
  • Modified Implementation:Audit Logging for change Control Panel user password event has been added
  • Modified Implementation:SitePro menu name has been changed with Site Builder
  • Fixed:Where HC threw error while updating PF Mailbox name, which had spaces in it
  • Fixed:Where while creating Virtual Machines via WHMCS, the email containing VM details couldn't be generated by HC
  • Fixed:Where "All Senders are Authenticated" option was applied automatically to a Distribution List
  • Fixed:Where clicking on Site.Pro did not display a Pop-up window pointing to website
  • Fixed:Where SitePro enable/disable option threw an error
  • Fixed:Where folder manager was not working if webadmin have many websites

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where CentOS 7 template could not be added in Xen Hypervisor
  • Fixed:Where CentOS 7 template could not be added in KVM Hypervisor
  • Fixed:Where MySQL backup file couldn’t be processed if db size was greater than 5 GB

Version 9.22 (August 26, 2016)
For Windows

  • Modified Implementation:HC will not permanently remove Mailbox from Exchange Server. As per Microsoft recommendation we have adopted the same behavior as Exchange server where deleted mailbox goes to Exchange disconnected section
  • Modified Implementation:SitePro will establish FTP connection using website IP address instead of domain name
  • Fixed:Where Website could not be added with the French and Italian language interface
  • Fixed:Where some Exchange context menues were not appearing in French and Italian language interface
  • Fixed:Where Autosignup Authorization was failing because multiple pending records already existed
  • Fixed:Where DNS zone record was not saving properly for wild card Host A and MX entries
  • Fixed:Where Move Website operation could not properly be applied for linux websites
  • Fixed:Where for IPBased domain NATing IP address was not showing associated public IP address
  • Fixed:Where SIP Address could not be set properly for existing AD users
  • Fixed:Where manual changes on Lync users were not reflecting inside HC panel after running HCDBChanges
  • Fixed:Where FTP user accounts were not showing in HC Panel properly against a subdomain
  • Fixed:Where Exchange 2016 Resource mailboxes could not being edited via HC panel
  • Fixed:Where RBX was not restoring FTP user password
  • Fixed:Where RBX was not applying acl permission correctly for FTP User
  • HCAPI:Where AddSharepoint Sites was failing for a specific scenario

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where file was created in Linux website home directory while using Auto Script Copy feature in HC

Version 9.21 (June 01, 2016)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:SitePro website builder integration.
  • Modified:User restrictions setting moved to Panel Configuration :: Configure Services.
  • Enhancement:In user restrictions setting Add/Delete Operation for Website can be set.
  • Enhancement:In user restrictions additional optionsare provided to handle multiple exchange objects
  • Enhancement: All UnAssigned IP address can be set as Named Base IP address in Web Server Setting.
  • HCAPI:Where in GetFTPUsers Output Parameter of Associated Website is introduced.

For Linux

  • Feature Added:Where items in CSR like Organization, Organizational Unit, Locality and state were converting to lower case.

Version 9.20 (April 15, 2016)
For Windows

  • Enhancement:Exchange 2013 CU12 support.
  • Enhancement:Hyper-V and VMWare Virtualizationcomponentis updated to support latest Linux flavors.
  • Fixed:Where CNAME entry was not adding correctly in the zone file.
  • Fixed:Where Poll Management menu was missing in click & install apps at reseller level.
  • Fixed:Where in HC Panel, Xoops hyperlink was not pointing to correct home directory path.
  • HCAPI:Additional optional parameter in AddSubdomain API method to specify web server.
  • Fixed:Where Public Folder was not visible in Owa due to HC sync scheduler problem.
  • Fixed:Where permissions were not properly set for SendOnBehalf on Exchange mailboxes if SAMAccount name and Display Name of two mailboxes were identical.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not displaying currency while adding organization in CRM 2013.

For Linux

  • Feature Added:suPHP is now supported with Apache 2.4

Version 9.19 (Updated February23, 2016)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Where "Send Email" button is introduced at Preview invoice page in HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where HCSync schedule was leaking memory on the HC Exchange portal.
  • Fixed:Where Public Folder of type Contact,Calendar and Task were not creating when Exchange 2013/2016 was setup on a remote server(without HC installation on it).
  • Fixed:Where error was thrown in HC panel while adding Exchange 2010 mailboxes on existing AD user accounts.
  • Fixed:Where Public Folder having same display name was not being added to second organization on Exchange 2016.
  • Fixed:Where Disclaimer was not adding for OU which contained space and brackets in it's name.
  • Fixed:Where some menus were missing from Vogue Tree.
  • Fixed:Where DNS zone containing erroneous records was not updating.
  • Fixed:Where IPs associated with the deleted ESXi instance were assigned to VMs.
  • Fixed:Where Advanced Delete Emails were not being sent via HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange 2016 Mail Contacts were not properly synchronizing via HCDBChanges command
  • Fixed:Where GetMailBoxes API call was not working with MailOnly MailDomains.

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where default mailbox password for linux maildomain was not setting correctly.
  • Fixed:Where default page for website was not overwriting by reseller's provided page in Auto Script Copy.

Version 9.18 (January 01, 2016)
For Windows

  • Fixed:NAT Manager is now working with SpamExperts.
  • Fixed:Where Mail Domain entry was not deleted from SpamExperts interface as you perform delete operation on the Mail Domain from HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where DLs having same Display Name were not created in Exchange 2010 in two different OUs.
  • Fixed:Country Code was not converted in Upper case while generating CSR.
  • Fixed:Where Clicking on Exchange mailboxes option threw Unhandled Exception if no mail domain existed in the organization.
  • HCAPI:Where HCAPI DeletUser API call was not deleting user if the user was already disabled in HC panel.
  • HCAPI:Where AddDatabase API call was not working for MySQL Databases.
  • HCAPI:Where Distribution Group was not adding with correct email address with secondary Mail domain name.
  • HCAPI:Where reseller was unable to sell plan to a end user.
  • HCAPI:Where sub domain was not adding.
  • HCAPI Added:Where new method Change FTP user password was added to Domain Manager Webservice.
  • HCAPI Added:AddMailboxSendAsPermissions method has been added.
  • HCAPI Added:AddMailboxSendOnBehalf method has been added.
  • HCAPI Added:AddDistributionGroupSendOnBehalf method has been added.
  • Click&Install:Wordpress v 4.4 has been upgraded.
  • Click&Install:Joomla v 3.4.6 has been upgraded.
  • Enhancement:Audit log search filter has been improved.

For Linux

  • Feature Added:Ability to add additional FTP users with PHP in Fast-CGI mode.
  • Feature Added:SNI support for installing SSL on Linux Namebased websites.
  • Click&Install:Wordpress v 4.4 has been upgraded.
  • Click&Install:Joomla v 3.4.6 has been upgraded.

Version 9.17 (October 27, 2015)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Support for Microsoft Exchange 2016.
  • Feature Added:Hyper-V 2012-Generation 2 VM provisioning.
  • Fixed:Where Panel performance issues was occurring due to a handle leaks opened by HCSync and HCRemoting services respectively.
  • Fixed:Where debug logs were not listing in descending order.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing to create multiple Exchange DLs using same display name.
  • Fixed:Where new webadmin was unable to add mail domain if manual load balancer setting was enabled.
  • Fixed:Where Click Apps quota was not fetched by default at webadmin level.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to add Mail domain on secondary Exchange Server, if primary Exchange went down.
  • Fixed:Where Journal Mailbox was not adding in Exchange 2010 only.
  • Fixed:Where Resource Mailbox was not being deleted from HC.
  • Fixed:Where "Password never expire" flag was not being set for AD user on creation of Exchange Mailbox.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to pause virtual machine on Windows 2012 Hyper-V
  • Fixed:Where there were some translation issues in slovakian language.
  • Fixed:Where Invalid disk usage / bandwidth calculation was seen in GUI for clients using non-English OS.
  • HCAPI:New API method “IsUserMemberOfDistributionGroup” is added to check if mailbox is member of group.
  • HCAPI:APImethod “GetDistributionGroups” is updated with an optional parameter “MANAGEDBY” to return all Distribution groups being managed by given email address in that organization.
  • HCAPI:APImethod "AddMailbox" is updated to add mailboxes of type Resource.

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where acl permissions were not being set properly on files containing space in their file names uploaded via Folder Manager.

Version 9.16 (August 24, 2015)
For Windows

  • Fixed:Where folder manager was not showings files and folders for websites created with HC8 directory structure.
  • Fixed:Where folder manager was not showing files and folders if a root drive letter was specified as the website storage path.
  • Fixed:Where HC was taking a long time to set permissions on PF for an organization containing thousands of mailboxes.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not displaying Organization Unit correctly in IE browser.
  • Fixed:Where payment was not adjusting in Panel for BluePay Gateway.
  • Fixed:Where Lync Only plans were not visible in auto signup.
  • Fixed:Where Distribution List was not creating in Exchange 2010.
  • Fixed:Where HC Mail log was increasing abnormally due to some back end HC schedule.
  • HCAPI:Where GetMailboxes method was returning same mailbox multiple times.
  • HCAPI:UserManager API calls can now be referenced without host credentials.

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where during installation of HC9 Linux on 64bit machine file copy error was occurring.
  • Fixed:Where folder manager was not showings files and folders for websites created with HC8 directory structure.

Version 9.15 (July 24, 2015)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Option to add existing AD groups as distribution groups in Exchange
  • Modified Implementation:Paging feature on Lync UI
  • Modified Implementation:Option to specify generic control panel URL which would be sent in Domain creation email.
  • HCAPI:Ability to fetch plan name against a mailbox using HCAPI.
  • HCAPI:Additional optional parameters were added in “ExchangeManager.GetMailboxes” method in HC API to filter the results.
  • HCAPI:Fixed Where enable/disable user call was not working.
  • HCAPI:Fixed Where mailbox size was not correctly set for a newly created mailbox using HC API.
  • HCAPI:Fixed where Domain creation and advanced delete emails contained invalid panel URL.
  • HCAPI:SetDistributionGroupAdvancedProperties method was added with additional optional parameters.
  • HCAPI:SetDistributionGroupAcceptedSenders and SetDistributionGroupRejectedSenders were added which would later replace SetMailListAcceptedSenders and SetMailListRejectedSenders.
  • HCAPI:Added method AddDistributionGroup which would later replace AddMailList.
  • HCAPI:Optional parameters were added for SetMailboxAdvanceProperties method.
  • Fixed:Where in some cases HC was showing unwanted fields related to Lync User while adding Lync User.
  • Fixed:Where HC Panel home page was showing Arithibit exception.
  • Fixed:Where Suspend/Unsuspend user account methods were not working via WHMCS.
  • Fixed:Where Advanced Delete Confirmation email did not contain port 8787 when Advanced Delete initiated by WHMCS.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to delete the Hyper-V virtual machine whose creation failed while adding it.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to upload the files through folder manager if "www" folder was empty.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to set unlimited size using bulk edit mailboxes option.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to rebooth Hyper-V 2012 machine.

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where Auto Script Copy was unable to replace default document of a website.

Version 9.14 (June 18, 2015)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Integration ofSkype for Business in HC Panel.
  • Feature Added:Support to Allowed and Blocked Domains for Federation in Lync.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to select Resource Sync for Lync organizations at host level.
  • HCAPI:HC API Exchange method calls without requiring HC Host user credentials, now API can also be called with end user credentials for Sharepoint Manager, Communication Manager, DNS Manager.
  • HCAPI:Where HCAPI AddMailBox method was not setting proper mailbox size at the backend in Exchange Server.
  • Fixed:Where change a mailbox password was not updating in the Exchange Server.
  • Fixed:Where HCDBChanges sync_mailboxes command was not working.
  • Fixed:Where Send As permissions, Full access permissions not displayed in panel after applying CU8 for Exchange 2013.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to add a mailbox if “show password” for mailbox was clicked before generating password.
  • Fixed:Where Advanced Report Menu was shown even in absence of Exchange 2010 server in the cluster.
  • Fixed:Where HC Messages were not being displayed in message center.
  • Fixed:Where Mail Forwarding was not saving in the HC panel for SmarterMail when MailServer having different IP Address than the server IP added in HC cluster.

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where Postfix server settings were not being saved in HC Panel.
  • Fixed:Where cron jobs Add/edit/delete was not being done if cronjob command contained & sign in it.


Version 9.13 (May 12, 2015)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Option to set an Expiry Alert for a Website.
  • Feature Added:Exchange remote management without installing Hosting Controller on Exchange Server (CAS/MBX). Now a HC Host can assign Exchange Mail role to any HC windows machine added in the cluster to manage the Exchange Services remotely using remote powershell.
  • Modified Implementation:Support for Automatic Mailbox database assignment by the Exchange Server when you create a mailbox through HC Panel.
  • HCAPI:Where WHMCS was failing to provision services because of updated parameter,we strongly recommend to download latestHC.phpfile and replace in whmcs installation HC directory.
  • HCAPI:HC API Exchange method calls without requiring HC Host user credentials, now API can also be called with end user credentials.
  • Fixed:Where Journal rule was affected if its associated DL was deleted from HC Panel.
  • Fixed:Where in whmcs custom profile field was effecting provisioning process in HC Panel.
  • Fixed:Where Country info was modified in AD while enabling Lync Services on an existing Exchange AD mailbox account.
  • Fixed:Where Anti Spam menu was listing in HC even if it was disabled in Cluster Settings.
  • Fixed:Where Virtual Machine was stuck in pending state once its creation got initiated via HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where a scheduler was running multiple times even if it wasn't required on a specific machine.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange segregation was not applying correctly on room mailbox.

For Linux

  • Feature Added:Option to set an Expiry Alert for a Website.
  • Fixed:Where log directory deletion via Folder Manager crashed apache server.
  • Fixed:Where Awstats configurations were not saving in /etc/HostingController.conf file.
  • Fixed:Where hcremoting service was going into halt state on next resources sync interval.
  • Fixed:Where WWW Host Header associated with park domain was not removed as park domain was deleted from HC.
  • Fixed:Where Auto Script Copy was not working on linux website.

Version 9.12 (April 11, 2015)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:SpamExperts Email Security integrated for all mail servers including Microsoft Exchange Mail Server (KB Article)
  • Feature Added:Sharepoint Users can be added in bulk through HC Panel (KB Article)
  • Feature Added:Dynamics CRM 2013 support.
  • Feature Added:Business units and Team management features added in CRM.
  • Feature Added:Transfer a Virtual machine from one Owner to another.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to bulk modify Exchange Objects such as Mailboxes, Distribution lists, Contacts, and Public folders.
  • Modified Implementation:While adding DNS Only Services HC allows to include Mail records in the Zone file.
  • Modified Implementation:For performance optimization Panel Admin can designate a remote machine in the cluster to execute all HC related schedules.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to set host theme as a default for all Panel users.
  • HCAPI:Where plan was sold twice at the time of User creation.
  • HCAPI:Where provisioning of MySQL DBs was failing via HCAPI.
  • Fixed:Where SmarterMail 13.x maildomain was not creating if Number of Mailboxes was set to Unlimited in Hosting Plan.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange Mail Contacts were showing in HC panel even after deletion.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange Distribution List were showing in HC panel even after deletion.
  • Fixed:Where Panel was throwing exception while clicking on Mailbox Statistics button.
  • Fixed:Where wrong IP was assigned to a VM after the import.
  • Fixed:Where VM creation action was failing if VLAN option was enabled.
  • Fixed:Where in rare case Lync services were not setting for AD user due to Domain controller Latency, this has been optimized.
  • Fixed:Where New Click & Install Application was not being added in HC.
  • Fixed:Where MailEnable lists were not displaying in HC panel though these were created at backend in ME.
  • Fixed:Where after importing website into HC panel, the associated mail domain was not shown in HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where FrontPage extensions settings were not being saved in Webserver Cluster Settings.
  • Fixed:Where in WHMCS while adding a website or Mail domain, the resource was provisioned only after adding the Create button twice.
  • Fixed:Where DNN website was failing after importing into HC.
  • Fixed:Where using 2CheckOut gateway Payment was not registering via Autosignup.
  • Fixed:Where Issue with URL Length in Company Banner was resolved.
  • Fixed:Where there was some issue with the ACL Adjustments.
  • Fixed:Where CountryID was displayed in Invoice instead of Country Name.

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where website move operation was not completing properly when Webspace path contained “www” (e.g : /var/www)
  • Fixed:Where user was unable to login into a password protected awstat site.
  • Fixed:Where for parked domain on Linux machine, “www” host header was not being added via HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where FTP user could rename certain folders in the webspace which resulted in APACHE crash.

Version 9.11 (December 24, 2014)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Lync Users can now be added in bulk through HC Panel (KB Article)
  • Feature Added:Support added for Auto-Mount enable/disable option while delegating full access permissions to a mailbox.
  • Feature Added:Black List rule for an Exchange Organization supported.
  • Feature Added:Download of invoices in PDF format.

  • Modified Implementation:Support for Exchange 2013 CU7.
  • Modified Implementation:Improvement in Lync Response Groups, Queues and IVR error messages handling.
  • Modified Implementation:Display of Date and Time tags in invoices.
  • Modified Implementation:Utility to modify Machine name and IP address of HC machine added in the cluster.
  • Modified Implementation:Previously when a mail domain was added to a regular mail server like Icewarp/SmarterMail, HC used to set the number of users in the format99999 at the backend however now with this modified implementation HC will set them according to Mailbox quota assigned in the Hosting Plan.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to refresh the usage of organization mail objects in the HC database.Previously customers were required to run the command manually incommand prompt but now they can trigger it from inside HC Panel.
  • Changed Implementation:Scheduler for Auto sync mailbox counts in HC database has been removed from HC Sync service to improve the performance of the service. If customers manually change the mailbox properties from ECP, they can sync the mail object for specific organization within HC Panel.
  • Fixed:Where Archive mailbox was disappearing if a mail was transferred to it.
  • Fixed:Where Folder Manager option was not working if website name contained capital letters.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not sending Password Recovery emails to resellers/webadmins.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not pulling VMs from ESXi host if there were more than 1 ESXi instances added in HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where HC was incorrectly modifying settings after editing Virtual Module configuration.
  • Fixed:Where sometimes HC Panel became unresponsive after adding a Virtual Machine in VMWare.
  • Fixed:Where HC was connecting to Hyper-V node, even if Hyper-V instance name was not properly mentioned.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing to modify the wrong instance name of ServerName for Virtualization Server.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing the addition of a virtual machine with more than 4 CPU cores.
  • Fixed:Where CRM add-on was showing in auto signup even for Shared WebHosting Plan.
  • Fixed:Where sometimes HC sync service was not triggering awstats update.

For Linux

  • Feature Added:Support for LiteSpeed Web Server (KB Article)
  • Modified Implementation:Now /sbin/nologin is set as ftp user shell rather than /bin/false.
  • Fixed:Where php session files were not created in configured directory in case of suphp set as PHP Handler.
  • Fixed:Where ftp user was unable to edit file if that file had already been edited from the control panel.

Version 9.10 (September 10, 2014)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Support for Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Multitenant Hosting Pack.
  • Feature Added:Import of existing Virtual Machines (HyperV/VMware) in HC Panel
  • Feature Added:Import utility for Lync server to import existing Sip domains and users in HC Panel.
  • Feature Added:Assign Exchange MBX database to a Tenant Admin(Webadmin) under the Reseller Interface.

  • Modified Implementation:IPV6 is now configurable in HC NAT Manager.
  • Modified Implementation:Lync Server Information(Server Name/Server IP) has been provided against a Lync Organization at "Manage Communication Server :: Lync Enabled Organizations" page for Host Level which will help identify SIP domain against a Lync FE server.
  • Modified Implementation:Public Folder creation in Exchange 2013 implementation has been revised according to Microsoft Recommendation.
  • Modified Implementation:The new implementation of OAB which was introduced in Exchange 2013 update(CU5) has been handled in HC.
  • Modified Implementation:Displaying existing AD Users in Alphabetic format while enabling Mailbox service on them.
  • Modified Implementation:Dedicated Server to a Reseller implementation has been improved to list all servers which have been assigned to a single Reseller.
  • Modified Implementation:Allow to change/modify distribution group administrator in the HC Panel.
  • Modified Implementation:Allow to set Default Resource Properties for upcoming all new webadmins.
  • Modified Implementation:DNN 7 support in click and install Apps.
  • Changed Implementation:ServerSettings.xml file will no longer be used for storing HC Cluster information, rather from now HC will store Cluster information in the HC Database only.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to locate DNS role in cluster using Auto Load Balancer if Primary DNS was on Windows and Secondary on Linux Server.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not showing instantly modified Mailbox size in the Panel using simple mail server.
  • Fixed:Where DotNetNuke was not installing correctly from Panel.
  • Fixed:Where BlackBerry 10.02 was not working with HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing to change country Netherlands Antilles for a mailbox.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not setting Account policy " Password Never Expires " for Exchange 2013 Mailbox User.
  • Fixed:Where disable mailbox was disappearing from HC Panel.
  • Fixed:Where HC was removing OutLook Anywhere setting if the edit button was clicked.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not showing an option in the Hosting Plan to set unlimited Mailbox Size while adding a plan with Fixed Size.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing removal of custom added click app category.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing Lync user to change Voice Option from PC to PC space include in user display name.
  • Fixed:Where HC search was not working on find SharePoint user field.
  • Fixed:Where Godaddy Link was broken in Certificate test page.
  • Fixed:Where using NAT Manager in some cases HC was setting incorrect IP address in the DNS zone file.
  • Fixed:Where in some cases HC was not listing Web Server while adding Website with new user option.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not setting company banner if URL contained tld with two characters like
  • Fixed:Where after creating a new mail domain in Exchange Server through WHMCS HC was not automatically enabling mailbox protocols IMAP/OWA/MAPI/POP.
  • Fixed:Where HC session was breaking on credit Card status icon.
  • Fixed:Where in Exchange Server setting user restrictions disable mailbox action was not working at reseller/webadmin level.

For Linux

  • Feature Added:Support for Apache 2.4.
  • Feature Added:Support for CentOS 7.
  • Feature Added:Allow to set a different port in the Apache configuration on new Linux website creation.
  • Feature Added:Import existing Virtual Machines from XEN Hypervisor in the HC Panel.
  • Modified Implementation:PHP session files will now create in a separate folder.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not binding correct IP if user moved windows website to Linux Server.
  • Fixed:Where password of default FTP user with new website creation was not setting correctly if the PHP handler was configured as FastCGI.
  • Fixed:Where FTP user was not creating in the Linux Server if new website added through WHMCS and PHP handler was configured as FastCGI.
  • Fixed:Where Click and Install Apps was not downloading on the Linux Server.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not showing dedicated SSL option in Linux clustering setting.
  • Fixed:Where acl permissions were not setting properly if php handler was set to DSO.
  • Fixed:Where in folder Manager ACL permissions for others were not setting on files.

Version 9.09 (June 02, 2014)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Support to assign a Dedicated Server to a reseller
  • Feature Added:Support for FirstData (LinkPoint) Payment gateway
  • Feature Added:Support for HyperV 2012 R2
  • Feature Added:Support for Lync call groups, response queues and work flows

  • Modified Implementation:Control panel optimization in Exchange module for larger organizations contains thousands of users
  • Modified Implementation:Click & Install Apps installation files removed from HC installer and included option to download it from inside HC Panel
  • Modified Implementation:Host and reseller can now set default BlackBerry 10 profiles for their users
  • Modified Implementation:Allow for Custom Addon selling in MailOnly Hosting Plan
  • Modified Implementation:HC will now pull mailboxes/Distribution List/Mail Contacts directly from HC database instead of System. This implementation is changed to improve the performance / page display time where large number of mailboxes exist in a single organization.
  • Fixed:Where Paypal return response URL was not working with https in the Panel
  • Fixed:Where user was unable to add mailboxes as delegate in room mailbox if there was space in OU Name
  • Fixed:Where Reseller was unable to set default mailbox size to unlimited
  • Fixed:Where www protocol was not adding for Parked domain
  • Fixed:Where BlackBerry 10 user profile was not set correctly
  • Fixed:Where mail domain usage displayed incorrectly on HC Home Page in Vogue Tree theme
  • Fixed:Where user was unable to add Distribution list in some special case due to external email address
  • Fixed:Where AAAA record was automatically changed to TXT with blank entry in zone file
  • Fixed:Where Mail Enable virtual directories were not being set correctly by HC
  • Fixed:Where in Folder Manager Write permissions were being set incorrectly on Windows 2012 R2
  • Fixed:Where HC displayed blank Zone file even if website had no associated DNS zone file in Domain >> Properties >> Domain Services >> DNS

For Linux

  • Modified Implementation:Xen hypervisor snapshots are now taken in compressed form
  • Modified Implementation:Click & Install Apps installation files removed from HC installer and option included to download it from inside HC Panel
  • Modified Implementation:ACL permissions on log or httpd folder can no longer be changed from panel
  • Modified Implementation:Multiple ftp user creation is not allowed in case PHP Handler is set as FastCGI or suPHP.
  • Modified Implementation:Permissions on php-cgi file are set more restrictive in case PHP Handler is set as FastCGI.
  • Fixed:Where in some cases 3rd zone file was not being created on the Linux DNS Server
  • Fixed:Where Default FTP password not set correctly in case of FastCGI
  • Fixed:Some minor fixes in FastCGI implementation
  • Fixed:Where some records in DNS zone file removed automatically while restoring website to default state
  • Fixed:Where user was unable to create website with same name but different tld
  • Fixed:Where wordpress was askign for FTP login credentials during upgrade
  • Fixed:Where system statistics of a machine were not being displayed in panel in case swap memory was not allocated to the machine
  • Fixed:Where ftp user deletion failed on the machine where multiple IP Address were selected for IPless domains while giving machine web server role
  • Fixed:Where Import website was not working properly in case PHP Handler was set as FastCGI or suPHP on the machine
  • Fixed:Where on restoring a website to defaults, permissions on log folder were not set correctly

HC Patch for Version 9.08 (March 20, 2014)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:New Theme has been added to the Panel with name 'PrototypeX'.
  • Feature Added:Option to restrict user from modifying Exchange Mailbox User attributes & Passwords while managing those Exchange Organizations with ADSync utility.
  • Fixed:MSSQL database creation issue when Model size was greater than 2 MB.
  • Fixed:Where DNS zone was not creating on 3rd DNS Server while adding DNS Only Zone record in Panel.
  • Fixed:Where Panel session was breaking when Litigation Hold or Mail Domain menu was hidden.
  • Fixed:Where sold plan could not to be deleted due to missing Store Procedure on HC database

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where FastCGI implementation was not working properly.
  • Fixed:On moving website from one Linux Server to another FastCGI entries were not modifying in httpd.conf file.
  • Fixed:Where FTP user was not adding correctly using PHP FastCGI
  • Fixed:Disk/Bandwidth Usage calculation was not returning correct value when website name included capital characters.

Version 9.08 (February 14, 2014)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Support for Exchange Mailbox Litigation Hold
  • Feature Added:Support for Exchange Mail Domain Disclaimer
  • Feature Added:Creation of Exchange mail contacts in bulk
  • Feature Added:Support for Vmware Exsi 5.5
  • Feature Added:Support for IceWarp Mail Server version 11
  • FeatureAdded:Support for SmarterMail Server version 12
  • Feature Added:Support for SharePoint User Groups
  • Feature Added:Option to add Lync only plans
  • Feature Added:Exchange report to display individual mailbox usage for an organization (option only available at host-admin level)
  • Feature Added:Exchange report to display usage of all Enterprise modules under an organization
  • Modified Implementation:Improvement of invoice preview inside panel and the invoice email templates
  • Modified Implementation:Click & Install Apps version have been upgraded
  • Modified Implementation:Option where host and resellers can set default BlackBerry user email profile
  • Modified Implementation:Display of associated machine name infront of Exchange organizations
  • Modified Implementation:Alphabetical display of OUs on Sync Organization Mailbox Databases page
  • Modified Implementation:Option to set WebMail access URL if mail server is residing on Linux machine
  • Modified Implementation: Display of HC panel version on the HC login page
  • Modified Implementation:Option to set forwarding on mail enabled public-folders to any other user mailbox, contact or DL
  • Modified Implementation:Option to list Hosted Organizations in HC-API
  • Fixed:Where Smarter Stats login information was sent incorrectly in the Domain creation email
  • Fixed:Where HC was not making correct DB_port entry in PHPMyAdmin configuration file
  • Fixed:Where Public Folder Mailbox was having an issue with the modification of its display name
  • Fixed:Where HC was not setting correct SQL instance name in MyLittleAdmin configurations
  • Fixed:Where in Disk Usage report for Linux website HC was not showing individual folder size
  • Fixed:Where Panel session breaks by clicking Dedicated SSL menu option using VogueTree theme
  • Fixed:Where wrong archive mailbox size was returning by HC mailbox sync report
  • Fixed:Where HC was showing "No BlackBerry Server Found" in Exchange configuration even if there was no BB server role in the cluster
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing to add SharePoint site without giving description
  • Fixed:Where using Gene6 FTP Server, FTP Users based on HC old directory structure were having password reset issue
  • Fixed:Where Domain Transfer function was not working in RealTime Registrar due to missing attribute Trade
  • Fixed:Where plans were not listing in Alphabetical order while adding user
  • Fixed:Where deleted reseller's OUs were showing in HC host-admin interface
  • Fixed:Where HC was not setting correct temporary virtual directory path in Apache configuration file
  • Fixed:Where Mailbox Sync reporting was not working for mail servers other than Exchange
  • Fixed:Where Mailbox Sync reporting was showing incorrect summary after importing mailboxes in HC Panel using import utility
  • Fixed:Following Schedulers HC Quota and HC Sync were not responding if any of respectiveschedule event took hours for completion.

For Linux

  • Modified Implementation:Click & Install Apps version have been upgraded
  • Fixed:Where website was unable to browse due to change in IP address for those on which SSL is enabled
  • Fixed:Where reverse look up was failing due to change in IP address in any other IP based website.
  • Fixed:Where RBX was not setting correct permissions on third party application folders in case of suPHP or FastCGI set as PHP handlers
  • Fixed:Where in some special cases RBX was setting invalid user ID for FTP users
  • Fixed:Where SMTP-auth setting for Postfix was not working in Debian 7
  • Fixed:Where bandwidth calculation for a website was not correct if it was consuming huge bandwidth in a day
  • Fixed:Where in Disk Usage report for Linux website, HC was not showing individual folder size
  • Fixed:Where HC was not making correct DB_port entry in PHPMyAdmin configuration file

Version 9.07 (December 03, 2013)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Support for BlackBerry Server 10
  • Feature Added:Support for BlackBerry Groups management
  • Feature Added:Support for VLAN management in HC Hyper-v Module
  • Modified Implementation:Implementation and performance optimization in HC Exchange Module for large scale environment
  • Modified Implementation:Optimization in Mailbox Sync scheduler for better performance
  • Modified Implementation:Integration of HC with latest RealTimeRegistrar API
  • Modified Implementation:Improvement in Exchange report for plan based mode
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to calculate Disk Usage for Exchange enabled Organization
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to restrict mail domain creation on exceeding the limit allowed in role capacity
  • Fixed:Where BlackBerry option was missing in Quick Links
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to filter the plans already consumed while adding a mailbox
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to display a disabled mailbox for an organization with only one mailbox
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to modify the country in user profile in active directory
  • Fixed:Where in some cases, there was a delay in visibility of a newly created public folder
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to create mail contact with external email address
  • Fixed:Where in some cases, HC was unable to display all public folder permissions
  • Fixed:Where HC was not showing a disabled resource mailbox on resource mailbox listing page
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to enable a disabled shared mailbox
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to remove Simple URL on removal of a SIP domain
  • Fixed:Where in some cases, HC was unable to set correct permission on SharePoint user causing a login failure in SharePoint site
  • Fixed:Where in some cases, HC was not displaying SharePoint user name
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to create Debian base virtual machine correctly
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to correctly display configured VMWare data store in case of multiple data stores in VMWare
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to add a single IP Address in virtualization module IP configuration
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to show files in Folder Manager if website located in old directory structure
  • Fixed:Where HC was sending recurring invoice at wrong email address
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to restrict General reseller from viewing Dedicated Reseller role services
  • Fixed:Where HC was allowing to add plan with decimal values of resources
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to set correct anonymous user on Temporary virtual directory for a newly created website
  • Fixed:Where DNS editor was unable to modify SRV record correctly
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to create DNS Zone on 3rd and 4th DNS servers

For Linux

  • Feature Added:Support for PHP Handler suPHP
  • Feature Added:Support for PHP Hander FastCGI
  • Improvement:HC will automaticall add cluster machines ip addresses in /usr/local/hostingcontroller/etc/hosts.allow
  • Fixed:Where Private Folder permissions were being set on document root folder instead of actual folder
  • Fixed:Where Restoring a Website to default state deleted "A" record's IP address from zone file, causing Bind DNS to crash.
  • Fixed:Where HC services were unable to start on system boot on Latest Debian OS
  • Fixed:Where Permissions on Log folder were not being set properly after restoring a website to default state
  • Fixed:Where RBX was unable to backup webspace with very large size
  • Fixed:Now only php scripts are allowed to be scheduled in cron jobs
  • Fixed:Where cron job was not working in Debian OS































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Version 9.06 (July 31, 2013)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Support for Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Feature Added:Support for Resource Mailboxes (Meeting Rooms and Equipment Mailbox) in Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Feature Added:Support for Shared Mailboxes in Exchange 2010 and 2013
  • Feature Added:Exchange Mailbox Database synchronization at host level
  • Feature Added:Support for HC Panel Audit Logging Report at Host Level
  • Feature Added:Support for Call forwarding for Lync Users
  • Feature Added:Option to Export Billing History for a user in CSV file
  • Feature Added:Option to Export Tax history in CSV file
  • Modified Implementation:Line URI Management at Host Level
  • Modified Implementation:Simple URL support for SIP Domains
  • Modified Implementation:Primary Email address support for Lync Users
  • Modified Implementation:Exchange Distribution List Support For Lync
  • Modified Implementation:Support for assigning Virtualization Server Type (HyperV/Vmware) to a plan
  • Modified Implementation:Allowing Sharepoint user permission on multiple sites within same organization
  • Modified Implementation:Bulk Mailbox creation improvement (Now based on type of plan)
  • Modified IMplementation:Application Pool user listing in the ACL Manager
  • Modified IMplementation:Display UPN Login Name for Exchange Accounts on Mailbox page
  • Fixed:Where HC was not able to enforce Password Policy with MailBox and Database Creation
  • Fixed:Where HC Panel was not able to create Website with more than 50 characters
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to create DNS zones on third and fourth DNS server
  • Fixed:Where Exchange Mailstore Management at Host level was unable to list MBX Servers in case of multiple Exchange servers in the cluster
  • Fixed:Where HC was not showing MBX databases in Assigning Mailbox Databas to a Reseller
  • Fixed:Where HC was not setting correct permissions on default SharePoint user
  • Fixed:Administrator name in Mail Template while Linux virtual machine creation now displays correctly
  • Fixed:Where Exchange Public Folder Replication databases was not visible in the HC Panel
  • Fixed:Where HC continued to create services when role capacity crossed its assigned limit
  • Fixed:Where user was unable to execute Transfer website schedule manually
  • Fixed:Where Mailbox creation was not working using existing user option in Exchange 2013
  • Fixed:Where HC was not sending Disk/Bandwidth usage warning email if Disk/Bandwidth daily reporting event was disabled
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to create file after modification of Parking domain page on disk with size 0 KB
  • Fixed:Where incorrect popup message displayed while setting Exchange Mailbox Send As Permissions
  • Fixed:Where Mail Contact was not listed in sorted order
  • Fixed:Where HC was listing more than 1000 Mail contacts on the page
  • Fixed:Where HC ignored default Mailbox size set for a webadmin (End User)
  • Fixed:Where HC was not able to list BlackBerry users properly on Multiple pages
  • Fixed:Where Reseller was not able to sell custom Add-on to a webadmin (End User)
  • Fixed:Where usesr were not displayed alphabetically while editing Distribution List
  • Fixed:Where customer was able to create a public folder with an emai laddress that already existed
  • Fixed:DNS zone is now properly updated if a website is moved from one Web Server into another
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing to modify the Mailbox Size if Total Mailbox Size quota exceeded

For Linux

  • Modified Implementation:Support for UTF8 while backup/restore mysql databases in RBX
  • Modified IMplementation:Support for SMTP-Auth accounts backup/restore in RBX
  • Fixed:Where Bind DNS server crashed on invalid entry made by user in zone file
  • Fixed:Where ACLpermissions for all ftp users were set to 'execute only' on all folders in the webspace directory when user tried to unzip a non-existant zip file in webspace folder
  • Fixed:Were RBX was unable to backup/restore FTP user ACL permission
  • Fixed:Where HC was not showing websites folders and files if they were created in new directory structure

Version 9.05 (April 25, 2013)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Support for Lync 2013.
  • Feature Added:Support for SharePoint Server 2013.
  • Feature Added:Support for MSSQL Server 2012.
  • Feature Added:Support for Linux Virtual Machine provisioning through HC HyperV Module.
  • Feature Added:Support for Mail Store Management in Exchange 2013.
  • Feature Added:Support for Active Sync Policy Management in Exchange 2013.
  • Feature Added:Support for Outlook Anywhere in Exchange 2013.
  • Feature Added:Support for Public Folder in Exchange 2013
  • Feature Added:Support for Exchange 2013 Module Usage and Custom Report.
  • Feature Added:Support for FastCGI on Windows Platform.
  • Feature Added:Support for Click and install App to use new Mysql password format by running latest Mysql and PHP version.
  • Feature Added:Support for bind extra Public IP address in a Windows/Linux virtual machine.
  • Feature Added:Option to specify a separate email address as CC for email templates (invoices, trouble ticket, user creation, domain creation etc.)
  • Feature Added:Support to move a website accross different Platforms (Windows/Linux).
  • Modified Implementation:Option to Specify SMTP port and use SSL authentication in HC Mail Delivery Setting.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to extend MSSQL database MDF/LDF size.
  • Modified Implementation:Public Folder size allocation in a Hosting Plan.
  • Modified Implementation:Availability of additional options in the panel for GoDaddy domain registrar.
  • Modified Implementation:MyLittleAdmin 3.8 support.
  • Modified Implementation:WordPress version has been upgraded.
  • Modified Implementation:Windows 2012 OS name has been included in the OS template for HC Virtualization Module.
  • Fixed:Where DNS resource was showing in the Plan even if DNS role not enabled in the cluster.
  • Fixed:Where HC Panel was not able to remove forward email address using Icewarp Mail Server.
  • Fixed:Where Mail Alias were being modified by HC at backend in the Icewarp.
  • Fixed:Where in Icewarp Mail domain creation process failed due to Password complexity, the Mail domain get created at backend but did not get listed in the HC Panel.
  • Fixed:Where Resellers were not able to set default unit size for a resource.
  • Fixed:Where import website along with mail domain throwing exceptional error.
  • Fixed: Where Reseller/webadmin were able to set application pool CPU and Memory even if HC admin disallowed the option.
  • Fixed:Where at HC home summary page -1 was showing as infinity consumed for Total Mailbox size resource.
  • Fixed:Where Domain Creation template was broken due to some special cases in modification.
  • Fixed:Where in some cases the Internal Network resource were not being displayed in the Hosting Plan.
  • Fixed:Where user was unable to enable Exchange User on multiple SharePoint sites.
  • Fixed:Where Dynamic tag "Domain-Name" insertion breaks the parking page template.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to translating private IP with Public IP in the Zone file during DNS only creation.
  • Fixed:Where sold add-on were not listed in the HC Panel.
  • Fixed:Where HC sometime skipped numeric character in Generate Password button.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to exclude Default Gateway for Private Network Card in Virtualization Module Setting.
  • Fixed:Where SharePoint Server Type was not visible in "SharePoint Only Plan" when trying to edit a sold instances.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange 2013 Remote PowerShell Connections limit Exceeded then allowed.
  • Fixed:Where HC allowed dedicated reseller to select non dedicated (General) Mail Server during mail domain creation.
  • Fixed:Where in case of more than 10 Mail domains under a single organization panel showed only first 10 mail domains record in drop down during the step for Email Alias creation.
  • Fixed:Where HC panel was unable to syn and display Mailboxes size in Mail Enable correctly.
  • Fixed:IP address associated to a virtual machine could not be removed at host level unless virtual machine was removed first.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to assign IP address to a virtual machine due to Network Card driver loading after first reboot of a virtual machine.

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to add default.htm file with new Linux site creation.
  • Fixed:Where in postfix forward email address did not display in the list.
  • Fixed:Were HC was unable to set correct permissions on /html folderwhile transferring Linux website on different server .
  • Fixed:Where transfer website schedule execution failed if HC Master Server in cluster existed without web role.

Version 9.04 (February 04, 2013)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.
  • Feature Added:Ability to move websites across web servers.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to disallow Resellers and Webadmins to delete or disable Exchange Mail Services.
  • Modified Implementation:Support forExchange 2010 SP3.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to inspect disk size of added OS template.
  • Modified Implementation:Assigning Lync Application Pool management at Host and Reseller levels.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to set multiple permissions (Full Access & Send As ) on a mailbox.
  • Modified Implementation:Now in Auto Signup virtual machine plan resources will contain static values and end user will not be able to modify them.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to specify individual mailbox size while adding bulk Exchange Mailboxes.
  • Modified Implementation:Summary listing on home page will now display only those services which have been enabled in the HC Panel.
  • Modified Implementation:Installed Public Folder type will now display in the Panel.
  • Modified Implementation:With dedicated Application Pool the ACL of application pool user will be added to website's folders.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to group same type of plans i.e Mail, VPS Hosting only Plans on the same page in Auto Signup template.
  • Modified Implementation:On removal of a website HC will now provide an option to uncheck its associated services i.e Mail, Dns, DB may not be removed while removing a website.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to hide VM Plan resources i.e DVD ROM, Private/Public Network and Snapshot in HC Panel.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to zip multiples folders at a time in Folder Manager.
  • Modified Implementation:Wordpress version has been upgraded in click and install apps list..
  • Fixed:Where HC was not throwing the correct error upon a customer having only a Linux Plan, trying to add a windows website.
  • Fixed:Where HC Panel was not switching to Secondary Exchange setup on the failure of the Primary role.
  • Fixed:Where HC session was vunerable to a logout (in some cases) while changing user password in Prototype skin.
  • Fixed:Where dns zone files were not updating on Secondary DNS Server in Simple Dns Plus Server.
  • Fixed:Where webadmins were not able to create Hosted Organizations.
  • Fixed:Where HC was throwing an exception while assigning multiple MBX databases to a reseller.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not able to show specific assigned MBX databases to a reseller while adding mail domain.
  • Fixed:Where HC was displaying the same MBX database entry multiple times in DAG setup.
  • Fixed:Where HC was displaying Name Server info in the Auto Signup despite any DNS role being enabled in the Cluster.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing navigation without unblocking pop ups.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not showing correct error descriptions at different places with the Lync Module.
  • Fixed:Where HC session was experiencing a log out if host tried to edit dns zone file using domain properties.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not showing correct domain Expiry date upon adding existing domain of Enom domain registrar.
  • Fixed:Where FrontPage extension were not installing on a website.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing the use of character "<" in mailbox password field.
  • Fixed:Where on VPS role removal from HC cluster associated Public/Private IPS and OS templates were not getting deleted from HC database.
  • Fixed:Where there was no option to re-enable the disabled sold Plan.
  • Fixed:Where Dns zone files were not reloading in the Simple Dns Plus Server.
  • Fixed:Where HC was graying out buttons to restrict users from performing certain actions like "Add Mailbox" due to insufficient quota, instead of showing a warning message.
  • Fixed:Where FTP users were not adding with new order in Auto Signup.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not creating virtual directories in same dedicated application pool under which the website is running.
  • Fixed:Where HC was throwing error to add existing domain in RealTime Registrar if Fax number and Sate information missing in Handler profile.
  • Fixed:Where HC panel were talking long time to add an email alias in Exchange Server due to lot number of mailboxes.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing to Modify SharePoint and Virtual Machine only Hosting Plans if they had already been sold.
  • Fixed:Where machine names were showing with FTP user.
  • Fixed:Where HC was showing machine name while adding SharePoint Site.
  • Fixed:Where DNS buttons were not displaying correctly in FireFox browser.
  • Fixed:Where during new user creation HC was not showing billing cycle option.
  • Fixed:Using vmware while adding a VM plan there was no option to select Linux OS.
  • Fixed:Where Dedicated SSL installation button was not appearing in ProtoType skin.

For Linux

  • Feature Added:Website transfer between web servers.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to inspect disk size of added OS template.
  • Modified Implementation:Wordpress version has been upgraded in click and install apps list.
  • Fixed:Where Stop website function was not working due to lot of host headers in a single domain.
  • Fixed:Where on some Ubuntu OS versions stopping website caused the Apache server to crash.
  • Fixed:Where Hostheader for IDN domains was not adding as punny code in Apache.
  • Fixed:Where HC Linux were not setting correct permissions on/html folder if a user install wordpresson root of website.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing to chose inside /html folder if domain includes a character in Capitial.
  • Fixed:Where open_based_dir entry was not adding in apache configuration file while enabling php.
  • Fixed:Where on Debian 6 with Xen4 a virtual machine was not starting after a shutdown.
  • Fixed:Where on Debian 6 with Xen4 a virtual machine disk expansion was not working correctly.
  • Fixed:Where on Debian 6 with Xen4 if a virtual machine has been removed then it could not be readded with same name.

Version 9.03 (October 22, 2012)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Support for Multiple Instances of VMware.
  • Feature Added:(Exchange Module)Support for Shared Calender, Shared Contacts and Shared Tasks (Public Folder Types).
  • Feature Added:Support for Exchange Accepted Domain Types (Authoritive,ExternalRelay,InternalRelay)
  • Feature Added:Organization Based Disk Usage Reporting for HC Enterprise Modules.
  • Feature Added:Now a Server can be added in HC Cluster without any role assignment i-e to use for public web interface.
  • Feature Added:On web site creation page now HC Displays External IP instead of Internal IP if NAT Manager is configured in Panel.
  • Feature Added:Support for SharePoint sites provisioning in WHMCS Module.
  • Modified Implementation:Virtual machine creation process using Auto Signup will now show the available resources associated to a VM only plan.
  • Modified Implementation:UI changes for optimization of large number of users and websites listing on HC Panel interface. While adding any hosting services under a reseller for an existing webadmin now you may write webadmin name or first letter in the field and it will display the existing webadmin.
  • Removed Implementation:Option ofWHMCS installation from HC Panel interface has been removed. We recommend to install WHMCS directly on your machine and then use it with Hosting Controller.
  • Fixed:Where Bandwidth add-on was not showing for VM only hosting plan.
  • Fixed:Where base template VHD was being expanded instead of virtual machine hard disk.
  • Fixed:Where using auto signup process network cards were not being assigned in VM.
  • Fixed:Where Hard Disk could not be edited (expanded) for existing VM.
  • Fixed:Where virtual machine information page was throwing exception if templates existed in HC database against deleted servers.
  • Fixed:Where Folder & Security menus were not functioning properly in Dutch Language.
  • Fixed:Where tickets history got deleted with the removal of trouble Ticket category.
  • Fixed:Where Pending invoice and Transaction history in HC Billing Manager were not displayed in order.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to add Archieve Mailbox with unlimited size.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not able to show specific assigned MBX databases to a reseller while adding mail domain.
  • Fixed:Where option of file attachment in Trouble Ticket was not displayed.
  • Fixed:Where suggested FTP user name displayed incorrectly while adding 3rd level domain.
  • Fixed:Where suggested default mailbox user name displayed incorrectly while adding 3rd level domain.
  • Fixed:Where Mail Setting menu was missing in VogueTree theme.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to add Lync users due to multiple application pools.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not able to add default SharePoint user display name.
  • Fixed:Where an organization was being listed twice while adding SharePoint site in Existing OU.
  • Fixed:Where web admin was still able to see billing status bar even Billing Manager was disabled by Reseller.
  • Fixed:Where Expand/Collapse option in Prototype theme did not work properly with different language packs.
  • Fixed:Where in ProtoType theme over usage color bar was exceeding its boundaries.
  • Fixed:Where domain search option was unable to find correct results when search was performed for a specific user.
  • Fixed:Where SOA record format in Simple DNS Plan zone file were being updated incorrectly.
  • Fixed:Where HC was able to register GoDaddy domain successfully but could not display it in the panel.
  • Fixed:Where website experienced .NET exception while running under dedicated application pool "ApplicationPoolIdentity".

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where w & ww Host Header for Linux website were not allowed.
  • Fixed:Where mailbox quota was not being calculated correctly for Mail Servers on Linux machines.
  • Fixed:Where forward email address was not being added during new mailbox creation.
  • Fixed:Where extra space was being added in forward email address.
  • Fixed:Where RBX was unable to restore default website permission during web server data restoration.

Version 9.02 (August 13, 2012)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Management of PSTN numbers and Lync Policies through the control panel in HC Lync Module.
  • Feature Added:Support for Lync Module in HC API.
  • Feature Added:Option to create and manage Journal Mailbox for Exchange.
  • Feature Added:Option to create and manage Archive Mailbox for Exchange.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to offer SharePoint only Hosting via HC Auto Signup.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to sell multiple instances of a plan in Auto Signup.
  • Modified Implementation:Ability to configure Add-ons in HC Auto Signup settings based on Hosting Plans.
  • Modified Implementation:Direct shopping cart link of a Plan to display in the Auto Signup.
  • Modified Implementation:Support for Mail only Domain account provisioning through WHMCS (For Exchange Customers).
  • Modified Implementation:Support for Virtual machine provisioning through WHMCS for HC Virtualization Module.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to set Bandwidth Usage Email report on Monthly Basis.
  • Modified Implementation:Fax and National Identification ID tag availability in the HC Mail Template.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to sort Sold Add-on based on users.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to create /admin HC Panel access virtual directory under HCAppPool.
  • Fixed:Where Mail sync schedule was not able to execute automatically if server did not have Web Role enabled.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange Enterprise Reporting shown blank page if it was sorted by Active Sync usage.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to show Danish character "Ø" in Mailbox Properties.
  • Fixed:When HC Auto Load Balancer is set, sub domain was being created on different Web Server.
  • Fixed:When HC Auto Load Balancer is set, HC was not able to list all MySql Database Servers while adding Cold Fusion DSN.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to automatically synchronize IceWarp and Mail Enable mailboxes in its Database.
  • Fixed:Where Folder Manager was showing incorrect menu name.
  • Fixed:Where FTP user name was not being suggested automatically while adding website with new user option.
  • Fixed:Where Open_basedir was not working properly on x64 machine.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to create FTP user domain with more than 20 characters.
  • Fixed:Where modified FTP user login name was not being show in the Domain creation email if user changed the suggested FTP user name during new site creation.
  • Fixed:Where HC Panel session timed out while enabling Web Role after the installation of HC with SQL 2005.
  • Fixed:Where in FrontPage extension menu HC was showing all domains of different owners under a webadmin.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to show user tree while trying to fetch large number of records.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not able to list Mailbox user alphabetically on Public Folder Setting Permission page.
  • Fixed:Where HC was showing wrong OS name on System Statistics page for Windows 2008 R2 SP1.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to show Disk & Bandwidth Usage report in ProtoType theme.
  • Fixed:Where Trouble Ticket Access URL link for Portuguese Language in the HC database was incorrect.
  • Fixed:Where HC was unable to save custom menu if multiple resellers were selected from the list.

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where HC was showing duplicate entry while enabling XEN VM root path in HC Linux.
  • Fixed:Where awstats access URL was not working in Ubuntu OS.
  • Fixed:Where rental customers were facing SSUP expiry error while trying to apply latest build on Linux machines.
  • Fixed:Where in folder manager Linux users were not able to expand view of their domain folders.
  • Fixed:Where HC was listing Hosting Plan Type ‘Fixed Plan Base’ during new mailbox creation even if quota was already consumed.

Version 9.01 (June 06, 2012)
For Windows

  • Feature Added:Support for Microsoft Lync 2010.
  • Feature Added:Support for VMware ESXi 5 under Virtualization Module for VPS provisioning
  • Feature Added:Availability of HC API for VMware Virtualization Module
  • Feature Added:New HC Theme ProtoType is available with improved UI n RED, BLUE and GREEN colors
  • Feature Added:Exchange 2010 SP2 segregation support using Address Book Policies. Those users who are running Exchange 2010 SP2 can use the migration utility to convert existing mailboxes permissions from ACL to ABP. For details check thisFAQ
  • Modified Implementation:Dedicated SSL support in HC API.
  • Modified Implementation:MSSQL Database Server instance configuration with different Port.
  • Modified Implementation:Sold Plan page with different view type option.
  • Modified Implementation:Changed the creation of Dedicated Application pool with Microsoft recommended identity “ApplicationPoolIdentity”.
  • Modified Implementation:Option to update Profile for Mail Contact in Exchange Server.
  • Modified Implementation:UPNSuffix entry creation in AD at organization level.
  • Modified Implementation:Date stamp is now displayed on the domain listing page.
  • Modified Implementation:HC Backup and Restore Utility RBX is now shipped with main HC installer, now there is no need to install RBX installer separately on any HC machine.
  • Modified Implementation:Controlling of OAB distribution.
  • Modified Implementation:Added the option to install click app on root of website. Earlier it could only be installed on virtual directory.
  • Fixed:Where WebAdmin was unable to change password due to error message.
  • Fixed:Where back button on Billing Manager :: Transaction Statement would log out HC session.
  • Fixed:Where in Gene6 FTP Server HC was throwing error for existing user when tried to add domain with new FTP user.
  • Fixed:Where Delete service button was not working if mail domain did not exist in an Exchange Organization.
  • Fixed:Where adding Exchange Mailbox using Existing User option was throwing exception.
  • Fixed:Error description correction for Adding FTP user if webadmin did not have required quota.
  • Fixed:Where HC was adding Exchange Mailbox in incorrect format if that mailbox already added as Email Alias.
  • Fixed:Where Panel was unable to add new user if Show Password Character option is selected.
  • Fixed:Where Bandwidth usage page was showing wrong page name.
  • Fixed:Where panel was not displaying Tax Reports if records existed on more than 2 pages.
  • Fixed:Where in Mailbox Edit General Properties, user was unable to select country other than USA.

For Linux

  • Fixed:Where Host Header CName entry was not being added in the Zone file.
  • Fixed:Where Zone file was not being removed from Secondary Bind DNS server.
  • Fixed:Where HC Linux build and release date was not being displayed in the Panel.
  • Fixed:Where HC Linux was unable to inherit permissions from parent /special directories into child WordPress directories. This also caused permissions issue in FTP client.
  • Fixed:Minor fix for VPS License activation on HC Linux Server.

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