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HC Release Notes

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Last Modified Date: 8/16/2019 2:38 AM

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Hosting Controller provides release notes for HC customers to help them identify newly added features, bug fixes, modifications and enhancements in new build releases of HC software. Visit Service Pack section to download software build with latest release.


For a full migration path from HC9 to HC10, see HC9 to HC10 Migration.



What is HC10?

HC10, the latest addition to the Hosting Controller family of products is a true hybrid control panel aimed at providing a perfectly aligned solution for managing and selling Cloud and On-Premises products and extends a single pane of glass to both 1-Tier and 2-Tier Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners for managing, selling, billing, metering and provisioning directly into Office 365. It also serves as a unified platform for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivery served off Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi hypervisors and Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) public Clouds. With an N-tier user structure and an API focused approach, it completely transforms the way companies orchestrate their Cloud workflows and sell a fusion of Cloud, IaaS, SaaS, Web and Microsoft Enterprise products (Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM) downstream to their customer base.  


You may view System Requirements for HC10 and as always, we welcome your feedback.



Version 10.16 (August 05, 2019)


Feature: Failover Cluster support for Hyper-V is now supported with Hosting Controller. New!

Feature: VMWare ESXi 6.5 and later versions are now supported with Hosting ControllerNew!

Feature: Option to import existing AD Organization in Active Directory Module. New!

Enhanced: Multiple UPN suffixes are now supported with Active Directory Module. New!

Enhanced: User must change password on next login option while adding a new mailbox. New!

Fixed: Where Mail Alias was not showing if Exchange was running with child DC.

Fixed: PST export/import of files having large size was not completing properly.

Fixed: Audit Logs now showing in descending order.

Fixed: Where Exchange SPLA Reports are now available to Billing Sub-Admin.

Fixed: Where Sold add-on page was not fetching more than 20 records.
Sold Add-on QTY was not editable.

Fixed: Where internal Email Address field for Bulk Mail Contact CSV file was not optional.

Fixed: Where delete Sold Plan was not working if Bandwidth deleted website had consumed bandwidth.

Fixed: Where some text was not parsed in Add Virtual Machine page for Slovak Language.

Fixed: Where if website is deleted then its sold service plan was not deleting due to consumption of resources by that website.

Fixed: Where DNS menu was not appearing in HC panel if only Simple DNS was selected for DNS Provisioning.

Fixed: Where Gateway Transaction reports were not displaying in sorted order.

Fixed: Where space was allowed during Organization creation.

Fixed: Where Line URI option was showing against PC to PC enabled sip users.

Fixed: Where upon deselecting 2FA, an Exception was thrown under Exception Logs.

Fixed: Where upon configuring PST in Exchange role, root OU path was removed from Exchange Role Configurations.

Fixed: Where in Mobile UI, few options were not displaying properly.

Fixed: Where HC was throwing error if sip address contained CAPITAL letters for any SIP Address in bulk csv file.

Fixed: Where Organizational Unit was not deleting from Customer’s GUI in Active Directory module

Fixed: Where S4B Display Name was setting incorrectly for existing AD User.

Fixed: Where DNS zones for Parked Domain were not showing on Website Dashboard under DNS zones section.

Fixed: Where Transfer Resource link was not appearing for Enterprise products like Exchange, S4B, SharePoint.

Fixed: Where DNS Zones menu was disappearing if only Simple DNS Plus is configured in HC10.

Linux Fixed: Where FTP Users were not disabling from HC for Linux websites.

Linux Fixed: Where PHP was not enabling on Linux Websites.


Version 10.15 (June 26, 2019)

Enhanced: Import of existing registered domains in ZA and Gandi registrars. New!

Security fix: Validation of server credentials while uploading files and folders on remote machine.

Enhanced: Assigned IP Address to be listed with VM on the WHMCS GUINew!

Enhanced: Multiple Accepted domain import option while importing an existing Exchange Organization. New!

Enhanced: Max duration option for resource mailbox. New!

Linux: Where ZA registrar contacts labels were not showing correctly.

Fixed: Where search filter for Skype users was not working correctly.
Windows Server 2016 base OS was not displaying in VM template.

Fixed: Where DL was not adding for existing groups in AD.

Fixed: Where UPNSuffix was not adding on OU while importing an Exchange Organization.

Fixed: Where DB user was not adding while navigating from Websites Dashboard.

API Fixed: Where DL Administrator was not returning in API call.

Fixed: Where domain privacy option was not showing while registering a new domain.

Fixed: Where transfer resource menu was not showing for Enterprise Module.

Fixed: FTP Server configuration is now mandatory while configuring new Web Server role in cluster.

Fixed: Mail Contact profile values (country, city and state) were not updating from Dashboard.

Fixed: Where Line URI was showing against PC to PC telephony setting.

Fixed: Where OU were not removing using Active Directory management Module.

Fixed: Where blank space was not removing automatically, at the end of an organization name.



Feature: Support for PHP-FPM New!

Feature: Support for MYSQL Clustering (Fail-over) New!

Enhancement: Installing SSL on a website will add auto redirect entry for HTTP to HTTPS request. New!


Version 10.14 (April 24, 2019)

Feature: Domain Registrar. New!

Feature: ZA Central Registry. New!
Feature: SharePoint SSL support for Web Applications and Site collections
Two Factor Authentication (Email, Google Authenticator & SMS Twilio) at Panel Login screen KB ArticleNew!

Feature: Dynamic Distribution GroupNew!

CSP: Microsoft Customer Agreement enforcement while on-boarding new tenant.

CSP: Allow to purchase Office 365 SKU from different in-direct resellers.

CSP: Option to upgrade an SKU.

CSP: Disk & bandwidth usage button will not display to CSP customers.

Enhanced: Database indexing to improve panel performance.

Security: HC will send email to owner upon invalid control panel login attempt.

Enhanced: Payment gateway integration has been improved.

Enhanced: Option to select default panel theme and language for the new customers.

Enhanced: Import & export mailbox as pst process has been improved.

Enhanced: Audit log has been improved for the case where panel is set as Group Authentication.

Enhanced: Allow to transfer ownership of Exchange Tenant.

Enhanced: OpenGatewayAPI source code has been simplified to integrate any payment gateway.

Linux: Where mysql db size was showing zero in panel.

Fixed: Where mailbox usage in reporting section was resetting  to zero after exchange sync task execution.
Minor fixes and adjustment in search filter on UI.

Fixed: Where more than three characters TLDs were not adding in domain registration section.

Fixed: GUI fixes related to domain registration.

Fixed: Where wallet amount was not consuming while registering a new domain.

Fixed: Where few user profile fields was not properly aligned.


Version 10.13 (February 20, 2019)

Feature: HC mobile app available for HC control panel under Google Play Store. New!

Feature: Import utility to import billing history from HC9 version. New!
Feature: Azure spending reporting
Ban of IP address on specified number of invalid login attempts (Option under panel host>Control Panel Access. New!

Feature: Sync of existing Hyper-V system resources with HC. New!

Enhanced: Display NAT IP against a private IP address in Hyper-V

Enhanced: Auto download option to update MarketPlace and HC click & install app.

Enhanced: Audit logging has been improved.

Enhanced: Sold plan page has been improved.

Enhanced: Enable-Disable mailbox method has been improved.

Enhanced: Primary SMTP domain name listing in CSP activity email template.

Enhanced: HC will allow to create and import same CSP tenant name under different customers.

Enhanced: Option to download, cancel and print customer invoices.

Enhanced: PST file removal from exchange machine after import/export mailbox pst file.

Fixed: Where duplicate SharePoint users sync issue has been resolved.

Fixed: Where blocked Domain if deleted cannot be re-added in Exchange.
Where Skype User creation was throwing an exception.

Fixed: Where Skype User was not creating via HC10 if the sip address included period in it.

Fixed: Where display Name of Skype User if modified in Active Directory was not syncing in HC10 panel.

Fixed: Where HC Panel authentication if set with AD Group Auth was not working for users which was member of multiple groups.

Fixed: Where HC was unable to fetch users from SharePoint databases.

Fixed: Where DNS Zone name entries were not removed from named.conf file if Bind DNS was configured with chroot mode.