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Last Modified Date: 4/20/2021 11:13 AM


Hosting Controller provides release notes for HC customers to help them identify newly added features, bug fixes, modifications and enhancements in new build releases of HC software. Visit Service Pack section to download software build with latest release.


For a full migration path from HC9 to HC10, see HC9 to HC10 Migration.

You may view System Requirements for HC10 and as always, we welcome your feedback.

Important Notice: Hosting Controller Panel will only allow to login in the system with HTTPS protocol.


Version 10.26 (April 19, 2021)



Microsoft latest security patch released on 13th of April has major modification in implementations w.r.t remote PS due to which not only Hosting Controller application but also all other applications’ vendors that solely rely on remote PowerShell for Exchange  (2013,2016 or 2019) are impacted. As per the internet survey this has impacted thousands of live servers across the internet and all vendors are suffering due to it.
Till now we do not know whether Microsoft will provide any hotfix for this issue or not but Hosting Controller understands the business requirements of its customers and feels the dire need for a rapid solution for its customers so their businesses should not be impacted due to the latest Cumulative Update of Exchange. Therefore, our development team has taken necessary  and rapid action. We have released a build that includes fix only for this particular case. The build can be downloaded and updated on your servers by following the instructions as mentioned in the kb article given below :


Version 10.25 (March 08, 2021)



Security: Microsoft On-Premises Exchange Servers security patch validation with Hosting Controller Panel.
Enhanced: Single HC cluster license support for multiple hypervisors.
Feature: Let's Encrypt support for Windows Operating System. New!
Feature: Microsoft 365 individual Tenant management in multi-tenancy using HC Panel.New!
Enhanced: Role Permissions restrictions available for Active Directory modules.
Fixed: Where License(SSUP) related issue was resolved.
Fixed: Where Transfer Website was throwing error in a special scenario. DL email address is incorrectly formed by HC, a special scenario
Fixed: Where in a special scenario Exchange Distribution List’s email address was improperly formed.
Fixed: Where in HC Active Directory module, Sub-OU Manager were not able to create AD Users.
Fixed: Where Exchange Distribution List has been improvement in code.
Modified: Where Bandwidth usage label was showing MBs instead of GBs.
Modified: Now by default higher consumption for disk & bandwidth usage will display on top
Fixed: Where some textual change is made on VM‘s Dashboard Thumbnail state. 
Fixed: Where CSR generated for websites did not contain
Fixed: Where bandwidth default filter should was not set for higher consumption records.
Fixed: Where CentOS8 servers were not adding properly in HC panel.
Fixed: Where S4B user using existing user option is giving permission error. 
Fixed: Where Active Policies added via HC panel were not showing in HC panel’s GUI.
Fixed: Where Default ActiveSync Policy was setting as default properly in Exchange from HC but was not showing as Default in HC GUI. 
Fixed: Where Exchange Transport Rule was not adding with specific sequence.
Fixed: Where Billing Profile caption was missing from Customer’s interface in HC panel.
Fixed: Where Cancel PST request is no more working in HC10.
Fixed: Where DontSetPasswordToNeverExpire flag was not working for Bulk Mailboxes.
Fixed: Where Mailboxes Sync was not working in a special scenario.
Fixed: Where VMs having failed state, stuck state in Hyper-V were not removing from HC panel.
Enhanced: Let's Encrypt SSL certificate deletion upon deletion of a website.
Enhanced: Existing SSL certificate installation option available.
Fixed: Where domain alias for http were not updating for site where SSL was installed.
Fixed: Where HC10 services were not automatically starting on machine reboot.
Fixed: Where SSL certificate with private key file can be installed on a website.
Fixed: Where SSL was uninstalling properly from Apache but error message was thrown in HC panel.



Version 10.24 (January 19, 2021)



Enhanced: Organization SubAdmin role has been improved and can be assigned to child OUs.
Enhanced: Two factor authentication can be enforced for panel users. 

Fixed: Where Hyper-V VM status was shown as unknown in HC10 panel if VM was moved from one Hyper-V node to another.
Fixed: Where SharePoint User deletion was not working with SharePoint 2013 version.
Fixed: Where OU was showing multiple times if Enterprise Services like Exchange, SharePoint, etc. were enabled on the same OU.
Fixed: Where changing MX record priority was removing the record from DNS zone.
Fixed: Where Journal Rule was not creating on the organization if the Mailbox Database Selection mode was set as automatic under Exchange Server configuration page in HC panel.
Fixed: Where S4B’s Provider Icon was not showing properly while assigning an OU to Organization Sub-admin.
Fixed: Where more elaborated help is added on the Create Organization page of the Active Directory Management module.
Fixed: Where AD User/Group deletion was failing.
Fixed: Where UPNSuffix for Exchange Organization was not shown in the AD Management module for the same Exchange Organization.
Fixed: Where Bulk DL creation was not throwing any error on feasibility report even if there were white space(s) in any email address.
Fixed: Where HC Exchange module sync operation was not properly pulling mailboxes.
Fixed: Where OU level security has been improved.
Fixed: Where Disk Usage Report for SmarterMail was not working.
Fixed: Where DNS zone’s Data was not shown in DNS Zone editor.
Fixed: Where under specific scenario SharePoint Organization was listed twice in HC panel.
Fixed: Where TriggerSync service was removing the disabled mailbox from the HC panel.
Fixed: Where Exchange Transport Rules were not creating if the condition was specified as “The recipient address includes any of these words”.


Fixed: Where PHP-FPM was not enabling on websites that were created in Apache.
Fixed: Where Custom php.ini settings were not saved properly.


Version 10.23 (November 12, 2020)


Enhanced:Option to take individual website backup (stores in folder).

Enhanced:SMTP event trigger upon failure of mailbox creation.

Enhanced:Anew report named “Exchange Objects Activity Report” is available to keep track of mailboxes / Distribution Groups created both using HC panel or HCAPI.

Enhanced: Option to specify custom php.ini configurations for individual websites is available.

Enhanced:Where Audit logs are now available for Add Mailboxes and Add Exchange Distribution Groups operations performed via API.

​Enhanced:RebuildXpress error logging is now available in HC10 panel GUI.

Enhanced:Import Virtual Machine feature has been improved in case of Hyper-V Failover Cluster.

Fixed:​Where upon Bulk Mailbox Creation, the General Profile specified in CSV file was not updating for such mailboxes.

Fixed:Where Manage Mail Store Pools feature was not working for mailboxes created via Composite Resources.

Fixed:Where for Exchange Mailboxes’ which contained Cyrillic symbols in their display name, the PST progress or download button were not shown in HC GUI.

Fixed:Where password modification for Exchange 2010 mailboxes’ was not working.
Fixed:Where Send-As permission for Exchange Mailboxes was not removing from HC panel.
Fixed:Where Dynamic Distribution List that were added manually in ECP were not pulling in HC panel.
Fixed:Where Hide from Address book option was not enabling for journal mailbox.
Fixed:Where Send On Behalf delegate permission was not setting in a special scenario if two mailboxes had same Display Name.
Fixed:Where Exchange Mailboxes Report was not working with Status filter.
Fixed:Where mailbox was created with white space which caused error while adding this mailbox as a DL member.
Fixed:Where disabled mailboxes were showing under the delegate permission section.
Fixed:Where Exchange Usage Report was showing 0 archive mailboxes for all resellers in HC panel.

Fixed:Where Server Usage Report for WebServers was showing same report for all WebServers which were added in HC cluster.

Fixed:Where RBX was not able to take backup of zones created in SimpleDNS plus 8 version using HC panel.
Fixed:Where RBX backup was not creating on FTP location.

Fixed:Where for Hyper-V module, OStemplate folder was removed upon deleting an Imported Virtual Machine.

Fixed:Where in Skype for Business module, Line URI option was missing for Telephony of type PC to PC.

Fixed:Where in Shared Hosting module, Unlimited size option was not available while creating non-Exchange mailboxes.

Fixed:Where in Shared Hosting module, non-Exchange Mail Domain name containing similar name in another customer was not allowing to create the maildomain.

Fixed:Where in Skype for Business module, S4B user with wrong UPN Suffix was adding via HC panel



EnhancedOption to take individual website backup (stores in folder).
Enhanced: Option to specify custom php.ini configurations for individual websites is available.

Fixed: Where multiple files were not deleting for Linux websites’ dashboard using Folder Manager option.


Version 10.22 (September 18, 2020)


FeatureTransport Rules (Mail Flow Rules) Exchange feature has been added using multi-tenancy technique in the Panel.New!

Feature: Multiple Domain Controllers selection for failover setup in HC Panel for S4B, SharePoint Servers and AD Authentication.New!

Feature: Move websites option, from one server to another, available within HC control panel.New!

Feature: List object mode toggle option for Exchange organizations available in HC control panel.New!

Feature: Mailboxes of specific sizes can be associated to specific pools of mailbox databases.New!

Feature: Panel Authentication using Active Directory Group now Tenant-Admins using HC Panel can grant his OU accounts to access HC Panel interface.

Enhanced: Database instances assignment option available for MSSQL Server.

Enhanced: Several pop-ups visible for license activation related issues.

Enhanced: Master Console Server can now be added/activated in HC panel.

Fixed: Where in Active Directory module, SubOUs were not adding via HC.

Fixed: Where Search for members of type Public Folders was returning all objects.

Fixed:​ Where mailbox creation due to password complexity issue was not showing proper error message in HC panel.

Fixed: Where upon editing Exchange Triggers, the event category was not populated properly.

Fixed: Where in Active Directory Module, User Count was not updating on Organization page.

Fixed: Where multiple Group Members were not allowed to add via HC Active Directory Management module.
Fixed: Where in Active Directory module, the account expiry date if changed via AD User dashboard in HC was setting 1 day less at the backend in AD.
Fixed: Where in Exchange module, the account expiry date if changed via Exchange Mailbox’s dashboard in HC was setting 1 day less at the backend in AD.
Fixed: Where in Active Directory module, DL self-membership was wrongly set in HC panel GUI.
Fixed: Where in Active Directory module, Search filter was not working properly while making Contacts as member of an AD Group.
Fixed: Where local MSSQL/MySQL Backup file was not uploading to the server for restore of database.
Fixed: Where unwanted email templates were showing under the list of email templates in HC panel.
Fixed: Where on a VM’s Dashboard, Virtual Machine Power Off thumbnail image was not showing properly in HC panel.
Fixed: Where non-Exchange mailboxes sync operation database level process has been refined.

Modified Implementation: Where loading mechanism for Mailbox policies (OWA & ActiveSync) has been improved at mailbox creation and dashboard pages.

Modified Implementation: Where at Website Virtual Directories page, an option to generate password is provided for password protected virtual directory.
Modified Implementation: Inactive mailboxes report is now also available under "Tenant Admin” interface in HC Panel.

API: Where "Send As Permissions" method was returning wrong result code.


Feature: rebuildXpress backup and restore add-on available for Linux serversNew!
Feature: Move websites option from one server to another, availableNew!

Modified Implementation: Where cron jobs implementation has been improved at both front-end and back-end levels.


Version 10.21 (June 22, 2020)


FeatureExchange Mailbox OWA Policy management.New!

Feature: Marketplace is part of click & install apps.New!

Enhanced: Assigning specific Active Sync policy to a customer/Tenant-Admin.

Enhanced: HC API endpoint now allows to add multiple email aliases .

Enhanced: International website name can now be added in panel.

Fixed: Wherecountry drop down list was not searchable via keyboard on general profile page of Exchange mailbox

Fixed: Where VLANmenus are not loading on VM dashboard.

Fixed: WhereArchive Mailbox Warning size was not setting up properly.

Fixed: Where Mysql version 8 database user’s password was not changing from HC panel.

Fixed: Where SIP Domain label was not written with proper caption in HC GUI.

Fixed: Where Extension attribute was not setting properly for SharePoint Users while creating SP users on existing AD users.

Fixed: Where RBX Backup on FTP was not working.

Fixed: Where mailbox was not deleting properly in a specific scenario.

Fixed: Where SharePoint User was showing multiple times upon adding it using Existing AD User option in HC panel.

Fixed: Where unnecessary password option has been removed for shared mailboxes.

Fixed: Where mailbox count was updating on customer’s dashboard if mailbox was added via Composite Resource.

Fixed: Where Exchange Custom Reports were not showing any output.

Fixed: Where Mailbox password expiry flag was not applying properly on Exchange Mailboxes.

Fixed: WhereDistribution List members were not adding properly in case of child DC.

Linux: Where Temporary Virtual Directories were not adding properly for Linux websites.

Version 10.20 (April 16, 2020)


FeatureExchange Split Permissions setup is now supported.

Feature: MSSQL Always On is now supportedKB Article.

FeatureHyper-v monitoring of virtual Machines w.r.t CPU,RAM and IO are also available on VM Dashboard.

Enhanced: Exchange Mailbox Sync performance optimization.

Enhanced: Exchange Run-space/Remote PowerShell sessions optimization.

Enhanced: IP block on failed login attempts implementation has been revised and improved.

Enhanced: Hyper-V web console implementation has been improved.

Enhanced: Microsoft Office365 Customer Agreement is now supported.

Enhanced: Organization Sub-admin staff role has been added in HC system.

Removed: OldMarketPlace & HC billing menus have been removed from HC panel user interface.

Enhanced: SPLA Report is now available for Skye for Business.

Enhanced: Report for Mailboxes based on their types is now available.

Enhanced: Option to add custom web URL for forgot password on HC login page.

Fixed: Audit Logs are improved.

Fixed: Import/Export PST implementation has improved.

Fixed: Where HCwas not deleting AD User if mailbox was created using existing User Option.

Fixed: Where SharePoint Organization was not removed if there were Exchange and SharePoint Services enabled on the same Organization.

Fixed: Where custom filters are now available while editing mailboxes using Bulk Edit feature.

Fixed: Where SharePoint users were not listing properly in case of large number of SP Users.

Fixed: Where Paging issue at Forwarding on a user mailbox dashboard is resolved.

Fixed: Where the Bulk Mail Contacts were not adding properly in case of Bulk Mail Contact creation using csv file.

Fixed: Where Preferred and Alternate DNS Server IP Addresses were not setting for VMs on VMware 6.5 and above.

Fixed: Where SmarterMail mailbox size and password were not syncing from SmarterMail into HC panel database.

Fixed: Where in Exchange, Journal Admin was not adding for Journal Rule.

Fixed: Where IVR Settings were not updating for a workflow.

Fixed: Where Welcome Message Text to Speech was not updating on S4B's Workflow Dashboard.

Fixed: Where VLAN assigned during VM creation was not assigned to the VM properly.

Linux: Where Postfix SMTP Authentication settings were not saving in HC10 panel.

Linux: Where Mail Forwarding User Interface has been improved for Postfix Mail Server.

Version 10.19 (February 12, 2020)


EnhancedNew implementation ofHyper-V failover clustering.New!

Enhanced: PrestaShop and Drupal added in Click & Install Apps list.New!

EnhancedSupport for Awsats version 7.7.

Enhanced: Inclusion of Mailbox Deleted Item Retention Settings in Composite Resources.

Enhanced: Reinstallation of VM using same configurations in Hyper-V.

Enhanced: Notification Email to Panel Administrator upon Addition/Deletion of Exchange Mailbox/Group/Contact.

Enhanced: WordPress &phpMyAdmin version upgraded for Click & Install Apps list.

Fixed: Where General Profile was not loading properly if a mailbox in SubOU had Manager from Parent OU in its General Profile

Fixed: Where SendAs and SendOnBehalf permissions were not showing properly in a specific scenario.

Fixed: Where in DL Members , Mail Contacts Internal Email was shown

Fixed: Where in Hyper-V, upon deletion of a Virtual Machine its vhdx file was deleted but the folder was not removed from the server

Fixed: Where VM was not creating upon specifying disk size of VM as maximum size of OSTemplate disk

Fixed: Where Send-on-Behalf and SendAs permissions were not setting properly from Mailbox Dashboard for Mailbox Manager

Fixed: Where two Network Interface Cards were assigned to VM even when single Network Card was specified during VM Creation

Fixed: Where VM was not deleted properly in Hyper-V FOC environment

Fixed: Where Email Addresses were not adding to a Distribution List that contained aliases of x500 format

Fixed: Where GUI issue was resolved related to Simple URLs in Skype Server configurations

Fixed: Where Internal Email Address field for Bulk Mail Contact CSV file was not optional

Fixed: Where HC was not fetching the size of In-Place Archive given in CR upon its creation from client level

Fixed: Where in specific scenario, Add-ons were not listing properly on Add-ons page

Fixed: Where version specific icon of S4B was shown on Add Server button

Fixed: Where Mailbox Forwarding address was not set properly from Exchange Mailbox dashboard

Fixed: Where Response Queue was failing to update

Fixed: Where if an OU already existed in an Active Directory then S4B & SharePoint services were not creating

Fixed: Where Disk Usage Calculation was showing 0 under Hosting Quota Report

Linux:Where Log Rotation was not working properly on Linux websites

Linux:Where Bandwidth calculation was not properly for Linux websites

Linux:Where MYSQL v8 DB user password was not updating

Linux:Awsats version 7.7 support

Version 10.18 (December 11, 2019)


FeatureMFA support for CSP module (Office365).New!

FeatureAccount manager option for AD user in mailbox General Profile.New!

Feature: VLANselection during VM creation in Hyper-V.New!

EnhancedUser Last login info display on Panel Dashboard.New!

Enhanced: Power Off option available for both Hyper-V and VMWare Virtual Machines.New!

Enhanced: Move of vhdx into a specified archived folder on deletion of Hyper-V VM.New!

Enhanced: Cancel option for PST export added in the Exchange mailbox dashboard.New!

Enhanced: Setting custom permissions for Provisioning Sub-admin in Role Permissions section.New!

Enhanced: Modification of following for Provisioning Sub-admin account "General Profile, Change Password, Description".

Enhanced: Notes field available for Exchange Distribution Lists.New!

Enhanced: Exchange debug logging in XML format.

Enhanced: Pager AD attribute added in general profile.

Enhanced: "Senders inside and outside of my organization” field available in Bulk Contact csv file.

Enhanced: Audit log has been improved.

Fixed: WhereStorage Quota values for Exchange Mailbox were not displaying properly in a specific scenario.
Fixed: Wherequota report was not updating properly if an Exchange Composite Resource Add-on was deleted for customer.

Fixed: WhereExchange In-Active Mailbox report was showing blank page if Organization Name contained spaces in it.

Fixed: WhereFactor Authentication option was not showing against Provisioning Sub-Admin accounts..

Fixed: WhereStaff Member was not disabling from customer’s interface in HC panel.

Fixed: WhereMailbox password expiry setting was not setting properly if AD Auth account was different than Exchange connectivity.

Fixed: WhereActive Directory module Computer object count was adding in the User objects in HC panel.

Fixed: Wheredeprecated O365 subscriptions are automatically removed from HC panel if not consumed by an O365 customer.

Fixed: Where Exchange Disclaimer was not adding properly in a specific scenario.

Fixed: WhereStaff Member was not able to see Enterprise Reports in HC panel.

Fixed: WherePHP-FastCGI scripting configurations were not saving properly while configure Apache WebServer role in HC10 panel.

Security: Support for secure headers [HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS),X-Content-Type-Options,Cross Site Scripting Protection (X-XSS)].


Linux:Where Mysql DB user password was not updating.

Linux:Where for Linux websites bandwidth were not calculating correctly.


Version 10.17 (September 30, 2019)
Updated (October 04, 2019)

Feature:Bulk Distribution Group creationKB ArticleNew!

Enhanced:Active Directory management tool UI redesigned with many new features.New!

Enhanced:Display Name header in mail delivery setting for sender to include in Sent Emails from HC panel.New!

Enhanced:Three new reports "In-active mailbox, Financial and Mailbox Growth.New!

Enhanced:Bulk Mailbox includes new profile attributes "JobTitle, Department, Company and Pager". Customers must use new sample CSV file to create mailboxes in bulk.New!

Enhanced:Server name tag can be used in generating CSP reporting and its activity emails in mail templates.New!

Enhanced:Panel audit logging reports improved.New!

Enhanced:Unusable CSP SKUs automatically removed from Service Plans and Sold Add-ons if they are not already consumed.New!

Change:Out-Policy Request for Resource Mailboxes now renamed to Out-of-Policy.

Change:Mailbox retention policy moved from Advanced Properties to a new sub-menu on mailbox dashboard.

Fixed:WhereActive Sync was not enabling if mailbox was using Composite Resource.

Fixed:Where dynamic distribution list was disappearing upon running Trigger Sync.
Add Sub-Domain was not working using HC API call.

API:FTPUser ownerid was not fetched using HC API call.

API:Group Administrator was not removing from security group using HC API call.

API:GetMailDomain API call was not working properly

Fixed:Staff members were not adding if reseller was an Indirect CSP reseller.

Fixed:Wheremanually disabled Mail Contact state from Exchange ECP was not syncing in HC panel upon trigger sync operation

Fixed:WhereAutomatic Reply was not saving for mailboxes.

Fixed:WhereRequire Change Password on next logon was not working for exchange 2010.

Fixed:WhereResource Mailbox was shown as Distribution List Admin.

Fixed:WhereDisabling Resource Mailbox of type equipment was not enabling after disabling it from HC panel.

Fixed:Wherein Mail Contact Dashboard, Accepted Sender was not adding.

Fixed:Where forwarding was not working on Resource Mailboxes.

Fixed:WhereShared Mailbox Forwarding was not functioning properly.

Fixed:WhereMail Contact was not creating if there was an underscore character in the Name field while Adding Bulk Contacts.

Security:Web interface security improvement.

Version 10.16 (August 05, 2019)

Feature:Failover Cluster support for Hyper-V is now supported with Hosting Controller.New!

Feature:VMWare ESXi 6.5 and later versions are now supported with Hosting Controller.New!

Feature:Option to import existing AD Organization in Active Directory Module.New!

Enhanced:Multiple UPN suffixes are now supported with Active Directory Module.New!

Enhanced:User must change password on next login option while adding a new mailbox.New!

Fixed:Where Mail Alias was not showing if Exchange was running with child DC.

Fixed:PST export/import of files having large size was not completing properly.

Fixed:Audit Logs now showing in descending order.

Fixed:WhereExchange SPLA Reports are now available to Billing Sub-Admin.

Fixed:WhereSold add-on page was not fetching more than 20 records.
Sold Add-on QTY was not editable.

Fixed:Where internal Email Address field for Bulk Mail Contact CSV file was not optional.

Fixed:Where delete Sold Plan was not working if Bandwidth deleted website had consumed bandwidth.

Fixed:Where some text was not parsed in Add Virtual Machine page for Slovak Language.

Fixed:Where if website is deleted then its sold service plan was not deleting due to consumption of resources by that website.

Fixed:Where DNS menu was not appearing in HC panel if only Simple DNS was selected for DNS Provisioning.

Fixed:Where Gateway Transaction reports were not displaying in sorted order.

Fixed:Where space was allowed during Organization creation.

Fixed:Where Line URI option was showing against PC to PC enabled sip users.

Fixed:Where upon deselecting 2FA, an Exception was thrown under Exception Logs.

Fixed:Where upon configuring PST in Exchange role, root OU path was removed from Exchange Role Configurations.

Fixed:Where in Mobile UI, few options were not displaying properly.

Fixed:Where HC was throwing error if sip address contained CAPITAL letters for any SIP Address in bulk csv file.

Fixed:Where Organizational Unit was not deleting from Customer’s GUI in Active Directory module

Fixed:Where S4B Display Name was setting incorrectly for existing AD User.

Fixed:Where DNS zones for Parked Domain were not showing on Website Dashboard under DNS zones section.

Fixed:Where Transfer Resource link was not appearing for Enterprise products like Exchange, S4B, SharePoint.

Fixed:Where DNS Zones menu was disappearing if only Simple DNS Plus is configured in HC10.

Linux Fixed:Where FTP Users were not disabling from HC for Linux websites.

Linux Fixed:Where PHP was not enabling on Linux Websites.

Version 10.15 (June 26, 2019)

Enhanced:Import of existing registered domains in ZA and Gandi registrars.New!

Security fix:Validation of server credentials while uploading files and folders on remote machine.

Enhanced:Assigned IP Address to be listed with VM on the WHMCS GUI.New!

Enhanced:Multiple Accepted domain import option while importing an existing Exchange Organization.New!

Enhanced:Max duration option for resource mailbox.New!

Linux:WhereZA registrar contacts labels were not showing correctly.

Fixed:Where search filter for Skype users was not working correctly.
Windows Server 2016 base OS was not displaying in VM template.

Fixed:Where DL was not adding for existing groups in AD.

Fixed:Where UPNSuffix was not adding on OU while importing an Exchange Organization.

Fixed:Where DB user was not adding while navigating from Websites Dashboard.

API Fixed:Where DL Administrator was not returning in API call.

Fixed:Where domain privacy option was not showing while registering a new domain.

Fixed:Where transfer resource menu was not showing for Enterprise Module.

Fixed:FTP Server configuration is now mandatory while configuring new Web Server role in cluster.

Fixed:Mail Contact profile values (country, city and state) were not updating from Dashboard.

Fixed:Where Line URI was showing against PC to PC telephony setting.

Fixed:Where OU were not removing using Active Directory management Module.

Fixed:Where blank space was not removing automatically, at the end of an organization name.



Feature:Support for PHP-FPMNew!

Feature:Support for MYSQL Clustering (Fail-over)New!

Enhancement:Installing SSL on a website will add auto redirect entry for HTTP to HTTPS request.New!


Version 10.14 (April 24, 2019)
*************************************** Domain Registrar.New!

Feature:ZA Central Registry.New!
Feature:SharePoint SSL support for Web Applications and Site collections
Two Factor Authentication (Email, Google Authenticator & SMS Twilio) at Panel Login screenKB Article.New!

Feature:Dynamic Distribution Group.New!

CSP:Microsoft Customer Agreement enforcement while on-boarding new tenant.

CSP:Allow to purchase Office 365 SKU from different in-direct resellers.

CSP:Option to upgrade an SKU.

CSP:Disk & bandwidth usage button will not display to CSP customers.

Enhanced:Database indexing to improve panel performance.

Security:HC will send email to owner upon invalid control panel login attempt.

Enhanced:Payment gateway integration has been improved.

Enhanced:Option to select default panel theme and language for the new customers.

Enhanced:Import & export mailbox as pst process has been improved.

Enhanced:Audit log has been improved for the case where panel is set as Group Authentication.

Enhanced:Allow to transfer ownership of Exchange Tenant.

Enhanced:OpenGatewayAPI source code has been simplified to integrate any payment gateway.

Linux:Wheremysql db size was showing zero in panel.

Fixed:Where mailbox usage in reporting section was resetting to zero after exchange sync task execution.
Minor fixes and adjustment in search filter on UI.

Fixed:Where more than three characters TLDs were not adding in domain registration section.

Fixed:GUI fixes related to domain registration.

Fixed:Where wallet amount was not consuming while registering a new domain.

Fixed:Where few user profile fields was not properly aligned.


Version 10.13 (February 20, 2019)

Feature:HC mobile app available for HC control panel under Google Play Store.New!

Feature:Import utility to import billing history from HC9 version.New!
Feature:Azure spending reporting
Ban of IP address on specified number of invalid login attempts (Option under panel host>Control Panel Access.New!

Feature:Sync of existing Hyper-V system resources with HC.New!

Enhanced:Display NAT IP against a private IP address in Hyper-V

Enhanced:Auto download option to update MarketPlace and HC click & install app.

Enhanced:Audit logging has been improved.

Enhanced:Sold plan page has been improved.

Enhanced:Enable-Disable mailbox method has been improved.

Enhanced:Primary SMTP domain name listing in CSP activity email template.

Enhanced:HC will allow to create and import same CSP tenant name under different customers.

Enhanced:Option to download, cancel and print customer invoices.

Enhanced:PST file removal from exchange machine after import/export mailbox pst file.

Fixed:Whereduplicate SharePoint users sync issue has been resolved.

Fixed:Where blocked Domain if deleted cannot be re-added in Exchange.
WhereSkype User creation was throwing an exception.

Fixed:Where Skype User was not creating via HC10 if the sip address included period in it.

Fixed:Where display Name of Skype User if modified in Active Directory was not syncing in HC10 panel.

Fixed:WhereHC Panel authentication if set with AD Group Auth was not working for users which was member of multiple groups.

Fixed:Where HC was unable to fetch users from SharePoint databases.

Fixed:WhereDNS Zone name entries were not removed from named.conf file if Bind DNS was configured with chroot mode.

Fixed:Optimization for listing large numbers of PFs in panel.

Fixed:UI optimization on mail forwarding and send-as permission page if there were large number of mailboxes under a single organization.

Fixed:UI optimization while adding resource mailbox.

Fixed:Where enabling a disable mailbox exchange was setting mailbox alias in weird format.


Version 10.12 (January 10, 2019)

Feature:Support for MS CSP Customer Agreement (MCA).
Feature:Static MAC addresses can be added in HC panel and assigned to Hyper-V Virtual Machines
Diagnostic report to check control panel basic required configurations.

Feature:Setting Exchange Mailbox signature from panel.
Feature:Adding mail contacts in bulk.

Feature:Configurable AD user password expiry policy.
Enhancement:Hyper-v and VMWare range of IP addresses can be assigned to a particular customer.

Enhancement:HC plan can now be sold along with new panel user creation.
Enhancement:Allow multiple files removal from folder manager.
Enhancement:Office 365 reporting have been improved.

Enhancement:Syncing Exchange & Office365 objects in HC system has been optimized.

Enhancement:Import Office 365 tenant page improvement "alphabetic display, Search field, Primary domain listing against customer tenant".

Enhancement:Automatic import CSP tenant in HC Panel.
Enhancement:Auto transfer CSP tenant record in HC from one in-direct reseller into another (Tenant must be moved first in CSP Partner center).
Fixed:Various issues related to DNS zone entries at backend in DNS Server.

Fixed:Where quota calculation was not done properly for mailboxes.
Where ACL Permissions were not reflecting on Dashboard of website under ACL settings.

Fixed:Where Advanced Zone editor option was not appearing while running HC panel in French language.

Fixed:Where while importing VM, HC now picks IP of VM and also adds it to Pool of IP Addresses in HC10 panel.

Fixed:Where Hyper-V RDP Web Console was throwing warning if Portal was configured with HTTPS bindings.

Fixed:Where Unnecessary users were pulling under list of SharePoint users in HC panel.

Fixed:Where Email Aliases of Disabled Mail Domain were not reappearing on mailbox dashboard.

Fixed:Where Exchange Mailbox Dashboard was throwing exception in event viewer for mailboxes whose picture was not set in Exchange.

Fixed:Where Access denied error was thrown at client’s level in HC panel on Import/Export of Exchange mailboxes.

Fixed:Where Skype Response Queues which were added without Response Group were not updating in HC10.

Fixed:WhereSkype Users were adding with space in their SIP Address causing issue while updating it.
Fixed:Where on Workflow Dashboard, Success/Failure messages were not returned for Music on Hold and Welcome message.
Fixed:Where Distribution Lists were not creating using Composite Resource.


Version 10.11 (October 25, 2018)

Feature:Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019.
Feature:Support for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019
Support for Microsoft Skype for Business 2019.

Feature:PSiGate Payment Gateway addedKB Article.
Feature:Simple DNS Plus v8 addedKB Article.
Enhancement:Import and export exchange mailbox as .pstKB Article.
Enhancement:Payment transaction report has been added in billing section.
Enhancement:Option to add profile picture in exchange mailbox.

Enhancement:Educational SKUs listing in Office365.

Enhancement:Mailbox type can be changed from user mailbox to shared mailbox and vice versa.
Enhancement:Preferred DNS and alternate DNS values can be set while adding Public IP Addresses for Virtualization module.
Search is improved by adding new filter of Domain Name under Office 365 Customers and Exchange Organization pages.
Enhancement:Send As permission option is now available for Distribution Lists.
Where error description has been improved for already existing SMTP address in case of Exchange mailboxes.

Fixed:Where addons listing has now been improved in HC panel.
Where now deleting SIP User from HC panel is now keeping AD User at the backend which is Lync Control Panel behavior.

Fixed:Where error handling has now been improved while deleting an AD account having multiple services enabled on it.

Fixed:Where Eslect Gateway was not showing in panel.

Fixed:Where Amazon VM Sizes were not setting from EC2 Virtual Machine Dashboard.

Fixed:Where Azure VM Sizes were not setting from Azure Virtual Machine Dashboard.

Fixed:Where Journal rule was not properly deleting from HC10 causing issue while creating same journal rule.

Fixed:Where MySQL Database was not creating if username was longer than 15 characters.

Fixed:Where VLAN IDs were not assigning properly from Virtual Machine dashboard.

Fixed:Where phpMyAdmin was pointing to wrong database server.

Fixed:Where Credit Limit was not adding without setting any default discount percentage
Fixed:Where Office 365 customers did not show in HC panel due to multiple Primary Domains.
Fixed:Where DL members were not adding to 21st or later DLs if total number of DLs was greater than 20.
Fixed:Where Booking Delegates were not setting from Resource Mailbox Dashboard.
Fixed:Where wrong mailbox size was shown for In-Place Archive of a resource mailbox while editing it.
Fixed: Where under specific scenario email alias of a mailbox was not setting correctly.
Fixed:Where User MBX DBs check boxes were reverting to enabled state against all Mail Stores names at Reseller level.
Fixed:Where resource mailbox created via HC panel was not automatically allowed to accept meetings.
Fixed:Where "Forward Request to Delegates" was not setting on Resource Mailboxes.
Fixed:Where 56 or greater characters OU & Mail Domain threw error in HC.
Fixed:Where Enom configurations were not saving in HC10 database.
Fixed:Where Sip User creation on existing AD User was not possible if there were more than 20 OUs under a panel user.
Fixed:Where Disk Usage Reports and warning emails are not sending via HC panel.
Fixed:SNI binding in IIS were not setting as all unassigned .
Fixed:Where Mailboxes protocols were not showing under CR of a resource mailbox.
Fixed:Where Add-on search was returning wrong results.
Fixed:Where wrong mailbox size was displayed for In-Place Archive of a resource mailbox.
Fixed:Where Federation and Agent Anonymity features were not enabling on S4B WorkFlows.
Fixed:Where Resource Mailbox Count was not showing at the Home Page of HC panel.
Fixed:Where Exchange mailboxes with '+' character at the end of the password field were not able to sign-in into OWA.
Fixed:Bread Crum was not working on Mail Domains page and also the label was wrong.
Fixed:Where IPN URL was not returning to proper HC URL.
Fixed:Where Exchange Mailboxes were not creating in bulk upon using a Composite Resource quota.
Fixed:Where Bulk Mailboxes were creating on single mailbox database even though Mailbox Database Selection mode was set as Automatic.
Fixed:Where SharePoint User was not adding to SubOUs.
Fixed:Where SharePoint Users were not adding on existing AD Users under SubOUs.
Fixed:Where WHMCS was not showing exact errors fetched from Microsoft Partner Center while adding Office 365 Customers.



Fixed:Where wordpress was not installing correctly on Linux websites.

Version 10.10 (August 17, 2018)

Feature:SharePoint 2010 support in HC v10.
Feature:Hyper-VBandwidth calculation
SNI Certificate Support in IIS Web Server.

Enhancement:Invoice download in pdf format.
Enhancement:CSP SKU add-on support.
Enhancement:Option to add Shared Mailboxes in bulk.
Enhancement:Mailbox deletion prompt message is now improved.
Enhancement:HC auto load balance has been improved for user db creation.

Enhancement:Move file/folder option in folder manager.

Enhancement:Three new website scripts in click and install app list.
Fixed:Where SIP user was not adding for imported SIP domain.
Where display name of mail contact was not setting properly.
Fixed:Where "Sell Plan / Setup Invoice" email did not contain the invoice information.
Where Tax rule percentage value was not showing properly in recurring emails.

Fixed:Where PHP Handler mapping was not adding properly.
Where Exchange Triggers were not executing.

Fixed:Where alpha-numeric values was not accepting while adding fund.

Fixed:Spelling correction on tax report page.

Fixed:Where with AD Auth settings in HC , the Global Admin auto-signup was not installing properly.

Fixed:WhereDNS zone was not adding properly in MSDNS server.



Feature:Let's Encrypt is supported in HC v10KB Article.

Fixed:Where WebMail related entry was not adding in Apache configuration file.

Fixed:Where Squirrel Mail config file was not modified automatically upon saving Postfix configurations.

Fixed:Where error was thrown while generating CSR on Linux websites.


Version 10.9 (July 02, 2018)

Feature:Click and Install Apps support for Windows and Linux platformKB Article
Feature:Google re-captcha support added on panel login screen
Advance DNS Editor support in panel.
Skype 4 Business & SharePoint Services creation via WHMCS.
Enhancement:Creation of Skype 4 Business line URI in bulk.
Enhancement:Option to set default general profile value for sip users against an organization in Skype 4 Business.
Enhancement:Option to switch virtual machine record to another Hyper-V node.
Enhancement:HC email templates has been re-designed in HTML format.
Billing:Option to generate manual invoice for a customer.
New reporting section has been added to display & download Tax amount value.
Subscription ID and Billing frequency will list in CSP activity email templates.
GDPR Policy:
Cookies consent checkbook is added in panel display settings.
GDPR Policy:General and Billing Profiles information stored as encrypted in HC database.
GDPR Policy:
User Consent added for storing Language and Theme selection in cookies.
GDPR Policy:
Security and privacy improvement at panel back-end level implementation.
API Security Policy:
Block an IP address after 3 consecutive login attempt within 5 minutes using API
Where zip and unzip option was not working in folder manager.
Where add/delete virtual directory operation was not working.
Where 'All Senders' option was reverting to 'Only Senders in following list' for resource mailboxes Booking delgates, accepted sender and public folder.
Where sub-OU were not creating in Active Directory module at client level interface.
Where domain creation via WHMCS was not adding MX records in the DNS zone file.

Fixed:Where accepted domain was not adding in Exchange Server using Whmcs.
Where different currencies other than US Dollar was not showing in auto signup order page.

Fixed:WhereStart/Reboot/Pause buttons were not working in Amazon VM.

Fixed:Where ampersand & sign was creating issue in Journal rule creation.

Fixed:WhereMail Forwarding and Full Access Permissions was not showing in panel interface.

Fixed:WhereExchange/mailboxes API GET command was not showing mail domain ID.



Version 10.8 (May 25, 2018)


Enhanced:Search filter provided on Organization Name, while adding Organizations under AD Trusts.
Azure Region settings are now showing against the Virtual Machine.
Where mailboxes AD users were not adding to Domain_DL group if user existed in a sub OU.
Where EmailAliases were not being removed from mailboxes upon deleting accepted domain.
Where SPF record was not adding to the DNS zones.
Where in Active Directory module, OU was not adding under HC customers.
Where Mail Server IP was not adding correctly in DNS zone.
Where Skype Policies were automatically assigned to newly created client having SFB Service Plan.
Where Trigger Sync option was not syncing Distribution Lists and Security Groups which were created at backend in Exchange.
Where email address was not populated against the SharePoint user which had Exchange services already enabled on it.
Where Exchange Enterprise reports were not showing under client in HC panel.
Where 'Change Password' and 'SendPassword' options were showing for AD Group Auth.
Where SQL Connectivity Success/Error message was not showing in HC panel while configuring SQL instance.
Where Reseller's Client was unable to add Public Folders using Composite Resources.
Where Litigation Hold was not enabling on Exchange mailboxes created using Composite Resources.
Where mailboxes count was not counted in quota report if the mailboxes were created using Composite Resources.
Where Hyper-V Reports were showing improper number of Virtual Machines.
Where Change Password was not working for users created using AD Authentication Settings in HC10.
Where error description was improved while adding Office 365 Domain name.
Where sub-subdomain records were disappearing when zone was saved and reloaded from HC panel.
Where Public Folder client permissions were failing for first Public Folder of newly created Organization.
Where Public Folder permissions were neither fetching nor setting on Public Folders which were created in Exchange 2010.





Version 10.7 (April 13, 2018)

  • Hybrid Exchange Module whereby HC Panel can split a mail domain between On-Premises Exchange and Office 365New!
  • CSP:Support for Monthly and Yearly billing frequency for Office 365 subscriptions.
  • CSP:Email notification upon adding/modifying/activating/suspending any Office 365 subscription.
  • CSP:Email notification for upcoming Office 365 subscription expiry.
  • CSP:Defining number of days before sending Office 365 subscription expiry email.
  • CSP:Display of Resellership Relationship URL from Partner Center.
  • CSP:Reporting for listing Office 365 subscriptions through billing frequency filter.
  • CSP:Syncing of subscriptions with actual purchase date, of imported CSP customers.
  • Enhanced:Creation of Exchange organization and accepted domain throughAuto Signup.
  • Enhanced:Creation of virtual machine with pre-defined OS templates through Auto Signup.
  • Enhanced:Assigning specific S4B user policies to Tenant-Admin.
  • Enhanced:Syncing specific Exchange Organization objects in HC panel.
  • Fixed:Correction of alignment on Add SIP User page.
  • Fixed:Where Workflow page contained additional irrelevant characters.
  • Fixed:Where Public Folder permissions in Exchange 2010 were not fetching and setting.
  • Billing:Whereadding funds did not pay funds for all items.
  • Billing:Where integer value did not save for default discount under client credit limits.
  • Billing:WhereFunds were adding even after clicking on Cancel button under Global Admin user
  • Billing:WhereAdd Funds displayed only integer value under Customer Reciepts section.
  • Fixed:WhereAuto Signup did not properly install on virtual directory.
  • Fixed:Wherein Auto Signup, Decrement control for "Maximum Usage Limit" displayed negative values.
  • Fixed:Where Host A and CName records did not add for parked domains.
  • Fixed:WherePHP Handler did not properly install on Windows website.
  • Fixed:WhereSpamExperts search was not working properly while enabling it on any domain.
  • Virtualization:WhereDynamic RAM option did not appear for OS Templates in Central Repository.
  • Virtualization:WhereImport Virtual Machine page did not display OS Template created in Central Repository.
  • Fixed:WhereGlobal Sub admin was not able to view Enterprise Reports.

Version 10.6 (March 21, 2018)

  • HC Auto Signup online shopping cartNew!
  • Enhancement:Synchronization of existing SharePoint users in HC Panel
  • Enhancement:CSP Trial SKUs listing int he Panel
  • Enhancement:Option to assign specific S4B user policies to Tenant-Admin
  • CSP:Where suspended Office365 SKUs was not syncing from MS Partner Center toward HC Panel
  • CSP:Where Tenant-Admin was not able to add/suspend CSP subscriptions
  • CSP:Where HC was not adding Office365 SKUs correctly to CSP in-direct reseller
  • Fixed:Where SharePoint group was not adding
  • Fixed:Where mail domain was also deleting along with website removal
  • Fixed:Where SIP user AD profile was not updating correctly at back end
  • Fixed:Where exchange mailbox was not adding using existing AD user
  • Fixed:Where sub-OU was not listing while adding mailbox in exchange server
  • Fixed:Correction in Date/Time format listing in Panel UI.
  • Fixed:Where HC default theme and language was not retained in browser.
  • Fixed:Where Squirrel webmail url was not showing correct server address.
  • Fixed:Where website anonymous users were not deleting from AD if IIS was running under domain controller.
  • Fixed:Where stats site was not browsing if IIS was running under domain controller.
  • Fixed:Where modified parking page template was not reflecting after website creation.

Version 10.5 (January 26, 2018)

  • Active Directory ManagementNew!
  • Report to display service plan usageNew!
  • Import host plans under reseller interfaceNew!
  • Stamping email address while adding public folder mailbox
  • Mailbox usage reporting enhancement to list Shared Mailboxes
  • Fixed:Where mailbox was not showing in full access permission.
  • Fixed:Where Booking delegates was showing other Resource mailboxes if "All Senders" is selected.
  • Fixed:Where Email Alias missing if mailbox display name password field contain apmersand.
  • Fixed:Where exchange enterprise report menu was not showing at tenant admin interface.
  • Fixed:Where dialin policies were not shown in HC panel which were created at back end in Lync.
  • Fixed:Where Line URI was not setting correctly.
  • CSP:Transfer CSP tenant under different control panel user.
  • Fixed:Where SFB meeting URL was not adding at back end.
  • Fixed:Where distribution list incoming message size was not updating after creation.
  • Fixed:Where accepted sender in mail contact was not setting correct value.

Version 10.4 (January 01, 2018)

  • Active Directory Management (Preview Release)New!
  • Import Exchange Organization using HC Panel Interface with zero downtimeNew!
  • Import multiple existing websitesNew!
  • Transfer ownership for a serviceNew!
  • Support for International Domain NamesNew!
  • SNI Certificate support for Linux websitesNew!
  • Support for Exchange 2013/2016 CU8New!
  • Fixed:VM VHD size was not allocating properly when Central Repository was selected.
  • Fixed:Where database resource was missing from Quota report.
  • Fixed:Where website deletion was giving error if /stats virtual directory did not exist in IIS.
  • Fixed:Where default document pages were not showing URL Redirection.
  • Fixed:Where Server Health was not showing Linux Server status.
  • Fixed:Option to disable HC billing menu for Resellers and Clients.
  • Enhanced:Mailbox search option.
  • Enhanced:Soft delete of CSP tenant (remove record from HC database only).
  • Enhanced:Auto validation of Server connectivity credentials on edit server page.
  • Change:Panel user menu changed to "Control Panel Users".
  • CSP:Where educations CSP SKUs was not showing in panel.
  • CSP:Where edit subscription was not modifying in Microsoft Partner Center.
  • Fixed:Distribution Group now default option will set "Need administrator approval to leave from the group".
  • Fixed:Where Linux server status was not updating in the HC Portal Server.
  • Fixed:Where latest Trouble Ticket was not showing on top.
  • Fixed:Where deleted organization was showing under create SIP domain page.

Version 10.3.7 (November 24, 2017)

  • Control Panel authentication from Active DirectoryNew!
  • Azure Service Provisioning under CSP accountNew!
  • Skype for Business support in CSPNew!
  • Office365 SKUs will list now category wiseNew!
  • Cron Job is added for Linux ServerNew!
  • Fixed:Advanced delete was not automatically executing.
  • Fixed:Advanced delete was not working under reseller account.
  • Fixed:Advanced delete was not removing services from back end.
  • Fixed:Provisioning sub-admin was not able to view website’s dashboard.
  • Fixed:Spam Expert link will not show now if disabled from “Additional Services”.
  • Fixed:Bandwidth calculation for log parsing has been improved.
  • Fixed:Disk Usage reporting is now showing detail report against each services.
  • Fixed:Where MX record was not adding along with website and mail domain.
  • Fixed:Where installation on fail over HC Portal was not inserting correct entries in HC database.
  • Fixed:Where HC installer was not accepting more than 20 characters in password.
  • Fixed:Where taking snap shot pop up was not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed:Mailbox was not updating in Icewarp.
  • Fixed:Trouble Ticket status was not updating correctly on Panel summary page.

Version 10.2.10 (October 13, 2017)

  • Support for Exchange 2016 CU7New!
  • Support for MariaDB 10New!
  • Support for Dedicated SSL in Windows and Linux web serverNew!
  • Option to use different CustomAttribute for mailbox segregation other than CustomAttribute2New!
  • Option to set Mail Enable for Public Folder types Calendar, Contact and TaskNew!
  • Enhanced:Improvement in domain creation email template.
  • Enhanced:Dynamic tags can now be used in email subject field.
  • Enhanced: Improvement in import website and database operations.
  • Fixed:Where Trouble Ticket notification did not generate email.
  • Fixed:Where Email Templates included Private IP address.
  • Fixed:Where more than 20 mailboxes were not listing in the panel using simple Mail Server.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange mailbox password was not changing using 2016 OS.
  • Fixed:Where edit mailbox in bulk was not working for setting mailbox protocol.
  • Fixed:Where General Properties of Exchange existing Mailboxes were not fetched.
  • Office365:Where Verify Domain Anomaly for Office 365 Domains is sorted out.
  • Office365:Where Additional Exchange Online Domains were not showing under Customer's interface.
  • Fixed:Where VM Dashboard was not opening at Client HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where SpamExperts Web Access URL was not generated properly by HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where simple URL could not be set correctly in Skype for Business.
  • Fixed:Where password did not change for linked mailboxes.
  • RBX:Where RBX backup session was stuck if MySQL db did not exist at back end.
  • RBX:Where RBX backup session timed out if webspace was more than 30 GB in size.
  • Linux:Where Linux Website was not accessible in latest Apache Server.
  • Linux:Where /Stats virtual directory was not accessible in latest Apache Server

Version 10.2.4 (August 31, 2017)

  • Support for Exchange 2010 with HC10.New!
  • Support for a new eCommerce Market Place nopCommerce.New!
  • Support for CSP Indirect Provider and Indirect Reseller (Tier-2 CSP).New!
  • Ability to add any third party script such as live chat in HC panel Interface.New!
  • Shifting of all Reseller clients to Global Admin.New!
  • Enhanced:Improvement in HC Panel Home page and Services Dashboard.
  • Enhanced: Option to pull existing SIP users in HC Panel.
  • Billing:Implementation of CSP Customers suspension due to non payment.
  • Fixed:Where Host Panel access restrictions were not working properly.
  • Fixed:Where Global Sub-Admin was getting error while deleting entire Organization.
  • Fixed:Where Office 365 Organizations reports were not showing in HC.
  • Fixed:Where Archive Mailboxes were not adding in Office 365 via HC10.
  • Fixed:Where while setting Mail Forwarding to Office 365 mailboxes, Exchange On-Premises objects were listing.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange Online Groups of type Security & Distribution were not adding via HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where Database Size Unit was not showing on Databases listing page.
  • Fixed:Where Accepted Senders were not adding in Exchange Online mailboxes.
  • Fixed:Where wrong SMTP address was set in HC panel for Exchange Online Resource Mailboxes after editing their General properties.
  • Fixed:Where clicking onExchange Online Resource Mailbox Membership page was throwing 500 error.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not enabling mailbox button on assigning Exchange Online License to user.
  • Fixed:Where CSP License/Subscription Allocation to the Admin User was throwing error in HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where FTP user password was not changing properly if Domain Password Policy was enabled on Domain Controller.
  • Fixed:Where Mail Domain associated DNS zone is not deleting upon mail domain deletion.
  • Fixed:Where Mail Domains were not adding if DNS Role was not enabled in HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where HC provisioning service was crashing when renaming a File/Folder using folder Manager.
  • Fixed:Where 500 Server Error was thrown while adding Public Folders in Exchange Online.
  • Fixed:Where Distribution List Administrator was neither showing in HC panel nor HC was allowing to add new Distribution List Administrator.
  • Fixed:Where Database Users were not deleting upon deleting the website.
  • Fixed:Where Virtual Machine’s additional IPs was not assigned correctly.
  • Fixed:Where password for Linked Mailboxes was not changing from HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where MSSQL Role was allowed to be disabled from Cluster Settings even databases existed on MSSQL Server.
  • Fixed:Where country and state were not showing as selected in Exchange mailbox General Profile page.
  • Fixed:Where single Custom fields can now be used for both User and Billing Profile

Version 10.1.9 (August 03, 2017)

  • Enhanced:Server Name and Platform filters are now available while viewing Websites, Mail Domains etc.
  • Enhanced:Exchange Reporting to view consumed composite resource by the customers.
  • Fixed:Where mail contacts were not adding in Office 365 using HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where HC Panel was allowing us to create DNS Only Zones without adding any tld in the zone file name.
  • Fixed:Where wrong quota enforcement for User/Resource Mailboxes was done.
  • Fixed:Where Wallet amount on Customers Dashboard was showing 0 dollars.
  • Fixed:Where Archive Mailbox Database was not properly set by HC panel upon editing it.
  • Fixed:Where next page was not showing for DL Membership tab on Mailbox Dashboard.
  • Fixed:Where while Editing bulk mailbox, PF Mailbox was not pulled.
  • Fixed:Where search was not working for Distribution Lists at Mailbox Dash board under Forwarding tab.
  • Fixed:Where Importing Virtual Machine was throwing error when owner was specified as non-GlobalAdmin User.
  • Fixed:Where Tickets for Service Provider were not adding via HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange On-Premises Bulk Mailboxes were not working via HC.
  • Fixed:Where generate password was not working if you select display password text.


Version 10.1.7 (July 07, 2017)

  • Support for newly designed HC Billing Module.New!
  • Integration of Linux platform in HC10 cluster.New!
  • Assigning dynamic memory (RAM) for Hyper-V.New!
  • Import of existing Office 365 tenants.New!
  • HC9 Linux data migration in HC10 Panel.New!
  • Enhanced:FTP User, DNS Zone and mail domain creation option while adding website.
  • Enhanced:Option to sync Domains, Subscriptions, Users and their licenses in Office 365.
  • Enhanced:Option to see subscription assigned to each customer.
  • Enhanced:Option to restrict Global Admin Panel access under “Host Panel Access” menu.
  • Enhanced:Option to assign or suspend any subscription via HC panel.
  • Enhanced:Reports section added for Office 365 subscriptions, licenses and organizations.
  • Enhanced:Out of Office implementation for Exchange Server.
  • Enhanced:Server Health option displaying server stats now available on Server Listing Page.
  • Enhanced:Database name will always be prefixed to its owner name.
  • Enhanced:FTP user name will always be prefixed to its website name.
  • Enhanced:Recipients creation on Sub-OUs up to nth level in the hierarchy.
  • Enhanced:Multiple Admins can now be added against Distribution List.
  • Fixed:Where ACL permissions were not applying correctly while adding a website.
  • Fixed:Where adding Bulk Mailboxes in Exchange was throwing error.
  • Fixed:Where MySQL backup and restore was throwing error.
  • Fixed:Where Softaculous was not adding scripts on remote web server.
  • Fixed:Where virtual directory was not adding with correct permissions.
  • Fixed:Where Office 365 number of subscriptions was not showing correct sold quantity in HC UI.
  • Fixed:Where irrelevant resources were pre-selected while adding Office 365 Service Plans.

Version 02, 2017)

  • Support for SharePoint Online in CSP automation.New!
  • Exchange Server advanced usage report.New!
  • Exchange Server SPLA reporting.New!
  • Support for Enom Domain Registrant.New!
  • Support for Simple DNS Plus 5.2New!
  • A new section for User Restriction Permissions Manager.New!
  • Ability to change password for Office 365 admin user from HC panel.New!
  • Enhanced:White labeling option for HC panel (page-title, favicon and powered-by text.).
  • Enhanced:Improved OU browsing performance for remote DC.
  • Enhanced:Styling and CSS changes can now be done under Themes folder.
  • Enhanced:OSTemplate repository management feature now available in HC panel.
  • Enhanced:Office 365 SKU management now available in HC.
  • Enhanced:Out of Office implementation for Exchange Server.
  • Enhanced:Secure communication between HC Provisioning Service and HC Web API.
  • Enhanced:Improved WHMCS integration.
  • Enhanced:Optimized Mailbox dashboard performance.
  • Fixed:Where Mail Delivery Settings could not be saved in HC.
  • Fixed:Where ActiveSync Policy status label was incorrect.
  • Fixed:Where DB Restore operation threw unhandled exception.
  • Fixed:Where Non-Exchange mailboxes once deleted from panel could not be recreated via HC.
  • Fixed:Where Skype for Business service could not be enabled for existing AD users.
  • Fixed:Where under General Settings, Company Name was showing even after its successful removal.
  • Fixed:Where while editing SharePoint Group, its members list could not be modified.
  • Fixed:Where while editing SharePoint Group, its Roles could not be modified.
  • Fixed:Where SharePoint Group could not be added via HC.
  • Fixed:Where duplicate users were appearing while adding SharePoint services against existing AD users.
  • Fixed:Where OUs were not listing while adding AD Trust.
  • Fixed:Where while adding DL, HC was not allowing to select the DL Administrator.
  • Fixed:Where SharePoint Site Collection could not be created on existing Exchange OU.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange Resource mailboxes were listing under user mailbox section after sync.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange mail domain was listing multiple times in HC while adding Linked Mailboxes.
  • Fixed:Where HC SharePoint Site Collection description was not saving at the backend in SP.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange Active Sync Policy was disabled by default at the time of mailbox creation.
  • Fixed:Where SmarterMail mailbox password could not be changed via HC panel.
  • Fixed:Where Advanced Deleted confirmation was prompted multiple times.
  • Fixed:Where file was uploading to root of directory instead of webspace path.
  • Fixed:Where SmarterMail Web URL option pointed to an incorrect URL.
  • Fixed:Where HC was not allowing to rename folders via Folder Manager.
  • Fixed:Where Line URI could not be unassigned from Skype For Business users.
  • Fixed:Where re-enabling Exchange mailboxes threw an exception for those mailboxes which were created using existing AD User option.
  • Fixed:Where Mail Contacts could not be added as DL members at the time of DL creation via HC.
  • Fixed:Where default Domain.Com_DL was showing while adding existing Exchange DLs in HC.
  • Fixed:Where Bulk Mailboxes could not be added if mail domain name case sensitivity mismatched in csv file.
  • Fixed:Where Exchange PowerShell commands could not be executed at Global Admin level.
  • Fixed:Where Added Custom menus were appearing at the bottom.
  • Fixed:Where Email Alias could not be added to Exchange mailbox which had X.500 SMTP address added to it.
  • Fixed:Where OSTemplates could not be added for Azure.
  • Fixed:Where SharePoint User state reverted back to Alabama.
  • Fixed:Where WHMCS Server connectivity failed for existing servers.
  • Fixed:Where threshold value for Disk/Bandwidth Usage could not be saved properly.
  • Fixed:Where only 20 records showed for Mail and DNS at host level.


Version (Feb 10, 2017)

  • Responsive and device friendly GUI: To make the panel usable on every device e.g. mobiles, tablets, desktopNew!
  • Bootstrap: A GUI framework for responsive (device friendly) GUINew!
  • Asynchronous and partial loading of GUI components: To improve speed dramaticallyNew!
  • Ajax: To improve the efficiency and speed and reduce bandwidth usageNew!
  • RESTful APINew!
  • User friendly login screenNew!
  • Microsoft MVC: Latest Microsoft web application development framework with latest web standardNew!
  • JQuery: Cross platform and cross browser JavaScript library to minimize cross browser issuesNew!
  • Microsoft WCF: Latest communication framework by Microsoft for communication between Control server and Secondary serversNew!
  • Multiple customizable protocols and their settings for different provisioning servers to improve security and efficiencyNew!
  • Multiple authentication mechanisms for secondary serversNew!
  • Programmable Hooks: Availability of programmable hooks to extend its functionalityNew!
  • Graphical representation of various reports (bar and pie charts)
  • Accurate and enhanced analytics and daily, monthly, yearly usage summaries
  • N-tier user architecture (Global Admin, Reseller, Sub-Reseller, Client)New!
  • Horizontal Staff Members as separate panel users (Global Sub-admin, Server Sub-admin, Provisioning Sub-admin, API Admin)New!
  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) support for Direct and Indirect CSP partnersNew!
  • Managing, selling, billing, metering and provisioning directly into Office 365New!
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through Microsoft AzureNew!
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through Amazon Web Services (AWS)New!
  • Hybrid Service Plans: Ability to package Cloud and On-premises products of choice into a single Service PlanNew!
  • Composite Resources (CR): Consolidated service packages specific to Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Hyper-V and various other products. Useful for handling different business scenariosNew!
  • Windows Task Schedulers used for performing various recurring (scheduled) operations instead of HC's Windows ServicesNew!
  • Ability to make a single machine part of multiple HC clustersNew!
  • 450+ enterprise ready applications available via Softaculous Auto InstallerNew!
  • Reporting for infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Buckets for AWSNew!
  • Web console available for Microsoft Hyper-VNew!
  • SharePoint 2016 supportNew!
  • Multiple Web Applications support for SharePoint serverNew!
  • Linked mailboxes for ExchangeNew!
  • Lightweight installersNew!
  • Expedient integration with existing billing systems and storefronts through the most powerful definitions of a RESTful API
  • Enhanced Exchange reporting
  • Easy front/back navigation via breadcrumbs
  • Improved UI for Exchange mailbox dashboard. Display of all information associated with a mailbox on a single page
  • Improved Auditing and Logging
  • HC Database: Improved and Optimized for minimum response time
  • Actions: Search/Paging/Sorting
  • Number of records: Millions of records
  • Avg. completion time: less than 2 seconds
  • RBX backup settings can be performed from within HC Panel
  • HC installation not required on Skype for Business Front-End servers
  • Password protected virtual directories
  • Password protected Awstats URL


  • Office365 MFA Support
  • Exchange Server 2019
  • SharePoint Server 2019
  • Skype for Business 2019
  • Hybrid Online Exchange Support
  • HC Online Shopping Cart "Auto Signup"
  • CSP usage Reporting
  • Exchange newly designed usage reporting
  • Wallet base HC Billing Module
  • ​Softaculous
  • Office 365
  • AWS Web Services
  • Azure
  • Exchange Linked Mailboxes
  • Restful API
  • Website Builder Integration
  • .Support for Exchange 2016
  • Skype for Business
  • SpamExperts Anti-Spam Mail Server Security
  • Dynamics CRM 2013
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Multitenant Hosting Pack
  • Vmware Exsi 5.5 support
  • Support for Hyper-V 2012 R2
  • Support for First Data (LinkPoint) Payment Gateway
  • Support for Microsoft Lync Call Groups, Response Queues and Work flows
  • New Theme PrototypeX
  • BlackBerry 10 support
  • VLAN management support
  • Dynamics CRM 2011 support
  • Exchange Mail Domain Disclaimer
  • Resource Mailboxes (Meeting Rooms & Equipment Mailboxes) support for Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Shared Mailbox support for Exchange 2010, 2013
  • HC Panel Audit Log Reporting support
  • Call Forwarding support for Lync Users
  • Exchange Mailbox Litigation Hold
  • Option to Export Billing & Tax History Reports in CSV File
  • Lync 2013 support
  • SharePoint 2013 support
  • Exchange 2013 support
  • MS-SQL 2012 Support
  • Windows 2012 Suppor.
  • Exchange 2010 SP2 support as per new guidelines provided by Microsoft
  • HC Virtualization Module: VMware ESXi 5 support
  • New HC Theme ProtoType with improved UI n RED, BLUE and GREEN colors
  • Ability to add an email address and set it as a primary among two different mail domains in Exchange Mail Server.
  • Major Enhancements in Domain Registration Module
  • Ability to provision Windows & Linux Websites under same web admin
  • Availability of Tax and Financial Reports
  • SSL Integration to generate CSR file and installing certificate
  • Lync 2010 Support
  • API for Exchange and Virtualization Module
  • API for Lync Module
  • Ability to Manage PSTN numbers and Lync Policies
  • Ability to manage Journal Mailbox for Exchange
  • Ability to manage Archive Mailbox for Exchange




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